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Deadlift and Squat Problems


I'm back after about a year layoff and a tour to Iraq. I've lost a ton of weight in the desert from practically starving myself and working out very little. I lost 25 pounds and am back to 150.

Deadlift--I currently do 5x5's. After each rep I put the weight down and reset to lift again with no rest obviously. At the end of each set however I feel really lightheaded and about to pass out. Does this happen to anyone else?

Squats--I notice that when most people do squats they never get to parallel. I know they should, but I go beyond parallel to where my butt is almost on the deck. Am I going to hurt myself doing this?

Also, since I've gotten back in the game I've been doing 1-day on, 1-day off. My 1-day consists of Squat, Deadlift, Pullups and my 2-day is Bench, Clean and Press, and Dips. All of this 5x5's. I'd like to think I'm back on the right track, but I know I'm probably leaving something out. Any ideas?




check your blood pressure and there is nothing wrong with doing squats low its better.

everyone gets light headed after deadlifting sometimes but not all the time


I sincerly hope your homecoming was pleasant.
sometimes i see people hold their breath when they deadlift. then i go up and ask them about it and they didnt even realize they were holding their breath. so remember you have to breath.
spuats go deep, ass to the grass and that saves your knees.
goodun to ya and THANKS!


Also make sure you are eating enough. Lightheaded feelings can occur if you do not have enough fuel in your system.


Welcome back. Thank you for your service.

OK, here's my input. Make each session a full body session. This allows you to hit each body part twice as frequently yet you can still use the same (or more) volume. You will want to vary the sets and reps ... mix it up, 5x5 one session, then 8x3, 4x8, 5x3, etc ...

If you like those lifts I'd split them up like this:

day 1:
clean and press

day 2:
dips OR bench
bar or db rows (added by me)

This isn't perfect, but it's better for your situation to pack the pounds back on quickly.

Read some of the articles on full body workouts, or ask me for more details. Also, Dan John has a good one on 5x5 variations here: