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Deadlift and Squat Form

Hey everyone. Been working on my form and just wanted some constructive criticism on my squat and dl. Thanks !

Last few reps were questionable depth, not sure if that matters to you. Looked okay otherwise, maybe back tightness?

I can’t tell if the deadlift is sumo or conventional (video quality). If it’s sumo, you’re bent over so much that you may as well pull conventional. Otherwise looked okay - could do without rolling the bar around to begin with.

@strongmangoals its a semi sumo dl. Just felt a little more comfortable.


I have never rolled my deadlifts but I’ve always taken what these guys say about rolling

Next time link a YouTube vid. About twice as much to formcheck that way.

Both lifts are looking pretty good.

For squat optimise walk out to save energy, maintain tightness and ultimately squat more. 3 steps max.

For deadlift not a fan of semi sumo. Looks clean enough but is probably too light or too low RPE for an form breakdown.

The starting position is a determining factor on whether you can complete the lift. Too far forward can make you miss.

If you are Eddie Hall and you have done tens of thousands of reps in both styles and your form is dialed in and you can break the ground at the exact same point every single time under all conditions and you know how to use the momentum of the bar or it relieves nervous energy or it lets you get into position despite your fat gut then absolutely do it.

If you are posting about your form in a beginners section - get the start position perfect first.

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Thanks for the replies guys. I know my walkout is sketchy. I went with a wider stance for my squat then a normally do so im still trying to get my foot work right. As for the dl i tried semi sumo for first time so i lightened up the load a bit and was concentrating on form.

Squat looks fine. You seem to be at the top end of your weight. Nothing a good program won’t fix.

Deadlift. Funny enough, your last rep was your best. Your third and fourth rep, your but takes off before the rest of your body. Not the first, second and last.