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Deadlift and Squat Form Check

Hi guys im gonna link Squat and deadlift here, wondering if i could get some feedback on the technique and what you guys think i could do to improve, thanks



You look like a pretty young dude and it’s great you have a passion for lifting.

First thing if you want better form checks in future you need some better vids of your lifts. Talking like useful angles e.g. directly from the side and lighting/quality


Hips shooting up a bit at the start. Wastes energy pre much and can cause you to lose tightness. This guy recently had a similar issue and it’s all in his thread:


Squat is a bit of a clusterfuck with your pelvis doing all sorts of weird things and your hips shooting up and good morning that shit which ends up turning into a sticking point. I’m gonna recommend you go off and fine tune your squat from start to finish, breaking up the lift into set up, walk out, descent and ascent. When you’re a bit more solid overall then you can post up a formcheck to refine your technique. Right now there’s more to be fixed than not so it’s pointless.

Here’s some vids to get you started. Don’t try to learn and apply it all at once cos you’ll get overwhelmed.

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Hey man thanks for replying, and yes i love lifting :smile:

I watched these videos and seem really helpful, the powerliftingtowin one especially and I now know how to get my lats and whole body tighter hopefully this will help in training tommorow.

And i noticed that i have a bit of anterior pelvic tilt when i am squatting, firstly, im guessing this is bad, is it? And next, do you think the steps in these videos will fix that? I was trying squats with just a bar on my back in my room and even then i still have a bit of ATP.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

These days it’s pretty common to have some degree of ATP but as to whether or not that is a problem or will lead to future problems is something that nobody can really say for certain. If it’s extreme I’d be leaning towards that it is worth addressing but its not unlikely you are just being paranoid. See a physical therapist or physiotherapist for guidance if you want to work on it.

As for whether it’s a problem for squats… it’s probably not optimal/holding you back. If it’s bad it can lead to problems especially under loading.

Part of addressing ATP usually involves strengthening and stretching certain muscle groups but lots of people don’t get the lumbopelvic control aspect of the process where you pretty much learn how to feel and be aware of your pelvis’ position at any time and practice maintaining or controlling it during squatting.

Anyways go see a physio tell them you squat funky and they’ll have a look and sort you out.

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