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Deadlift and Squat Form Check


Hey guys. New to powerlifting. My first meet is 5 weeks out. Any critique on my deadlift and squat form is appreciated.

Thanks in advance


You need to push your knees out on your deadlift. Your feet also look like they are pointed almost completely straight ahead, knees and toes both need to be pushed out more. Your squat looks like it might be a bit high depending on what federation you are competing in. Definite red lights in IPF/affiliated feds. Other than that it isn’t terrible and you shouldn’t make any drastic changes this close to a meet, work with what you have and make bigger adjustments after.

Also, what kind of shoes are those?


Agree with Chris on the toes/foot position on the pull.

To be honest, you have pretty good form, but the weight just isn’t heavy enough for things to start going hay-wire.

Get closer to a heavy single or near max single and post a vid. That’s where it will count.


Thanks guys. Switching up my programming a little bit next week to some some heavy sets with fewer reps, so I’ll try to get some more footage and update here.

Chris, the shoes are just the cheapest chucks I could find on amazon in my size.


Good, I was worried that you were wearing Nike Airs or something like that.

Heavier weights will definitely show where your technique breaks down, send us some more videos.