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Deadlift and OHP Woes

I get it, some things feel good, some don’t. Keep plugging until you eventually start to progress, the thing is these lifts may start to feel good then before I know it I’m back at sub par weight struggling like hell.

Good accessory for these two lifts?

I pull conventional, but squat low bar. Should I perhaps try the sumo deadlift?

A national powerlifter once said to me, the best accessory for bench press is [for the majority] more bench press.

I´m not saying that works for you, but this have helped me many times.

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Yeah seems a simple option, do more deadlifts and ohp. I mean I have sort of given up with OHP, used to love the lift and now I fucking hate it.

Deadlifts however, they suck at the moment but I want them to be good again, I’ve never pulled sumo and wondering if that’s worth a crack.

It matters not how you deadlift - at the end of the day you’re picking the barbell up off the floor. Do which ever variation you like. Good accessories are leg curls, glute/ham raises, back extensions, RDLs, stiff leg deadlifts, trap bar deadlifts, good mornings, snatch grip deadlifts, deficit deadlifts, and box squats. Just pick one or two and attack it for a few cycles then switch it up.

For the Press - you could try the football bar and see how that feels. Good accessories are dips, lateral raises, incline dumbbell press, dumbbell press, face pulls, chin ups, band pull aparts, push ups, and dumbbell military press. Again, pick two accessories and attack them for a few cycles then swap them out and repeat.

True, I just wondered if perhaps as I low bar squat with wideish stance perhaps sumo would have better carry over, I’ve never done it to know though.

I’ve recently been doing leg curls. Might try deficit deads again, what sort of % would you recommend if I did 5x10?

Don’t use percentages for such a trivial thing as leg curls, unless you’re going for the Leg Curl Captain title. Find a weight you can get 10 good reps on and do 5 sets of them. You may not get 10 reps on all 5 sets - now you have a leg curl goal lol… Once you can get 10 reps on all 5 sets, increase the weight.

Edit: For deficit deadlifts just use 40-50% TM or find your deficit 1RM, set a TM @ 90% and use 5s pro or the SST.

Yeah sorry I meant the % for the deficit deads, not leg curls haha. Would standing on plate suffice for enough deficit?

Probably more important than assistance, what types of supplemental lifts are you doing? A lot of people report higher pressing volumes helping with OHP (BBB, BBS, etc).

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For deadlifts the stance really doesn’t really matter, just depends on flexibility of the hamstrings and ability to force thoracic extension. If you want to give it a go I suggest testing your 1RM or 3RM max for sumo and compare it to your deadlift, and use it if you feel stronger/more mobile.

For accessory I suggest lots of back and posterior chain work. The entire shoulder girdle must be retracted and stable through out the entire movement, and the posterior chain must be able to create the force needed to pull the bar. Basically do a crap ton of rows, pull ups, Face Pulls, Shrugs, as well as Back Extensions, RDLS, Rack Pulls for various sticking points, GHRs, and Hip Thrusts. Also if grip is a limiting factor do timed holds with a barbell or farmer’s carries with various implements such as Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Trap Bars, etc.

For OHP I would suggest back, shoulder, and tricep work. Back work should include face pulls and pull ups, shoulder work can include lateral raises and such, but upright rows and snatch grip/behind the neck presses can help a little more, and dips and iso work for triceps. Also make sure you add in Anti-Extension exercises such as Ab-Rollouts and Crunches to make sure you don’t hyperextended the low back, as well as work towards sufficient mobility of the lats.

For both, work on technique.

For press, volume (BBB or FSL) and a reset TM. Also upper back and rear delt work. Pull aparts helped me tons. I’ve had my press go up simply by benching frequently and incline pressing too.

For DL, I often think reducing volume helps and also more squatting. For example, just so your 531 sets and instead of FSL or BBB deadlift do some kind of squatting. No harm in trying sumo either but you need to stick with it for a while to know how well it works. Three months is a good initial test period I think.

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If @MarkKO allows me; add some heavy glutes work after the deadlift such has glute bridges and moderate to high RDL. Also kettlebell swing helps in many cases.

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This is a good idea. You can’t go wrong with strong glutes. The kb swings especially are a good recommendation.

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