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Deadlift and General Soreness

I know there are several articles and posts on deadlift form, and trust me, I’ve read most if not all of them. The one thing I can’t seem to find is, should my lower back be sore from deadlifts?

It may not be absolutely perfect, but I attempt to follow each of these steps while deadlifting:

  1. Big chest
  2. Neutral spine
  3. Curling toes to cause heel push
  4. Attempt to push the floor away to correctly use heels
  5. Drive hips forward instead of pulling with my back
  6. Keep neck in line, instead of looking up

Yet when I’m done, my lower back is usually toasted.

I know that it is a back/glute/hamstring exercise, but shouldn’t I walk out of the gym with my hams and gluts on fire, instead of a sore lower back?

Does this mean I’m trying to lift a weight that is too heavy? The force that my back is having to exert to keep the weight from bending it is too great?

In a slightly related topic, how sore is normal when leaving the gym? When lifting, I attempt to do the heaviest weight I can with proper form, and based on the program I am on, I attempt to use a weight to struggle to get the last rep of my last set.

It seems however, that after I leave, it’s almost like I wasn’t there. If I flex the muscle I worked out, I feel a slight bit, but just sitting here typing, without flexing, I couldn’t tell you if I did legs or upper body today.

I’m on WSFSB 1 right now, about to switch to the 4-day version 3 at the beginning of April. I’m also thinking about starting a log on here just to keep track of diet and exercises, and possibly to have some comments along the way.

  1. Keep the bar as close to the body as possible. It should drag along the shins on the way up. If your shins are not bruised or scraped afterward, then you’re not doing it right. This keeps the weight near your center of gravity, reduces some of the strain on the lower back, and helps to prevent rounding of the lower back.

Yes my back gets sore after DLing. Soreness in my legs usually takes 48-72 hrs to set in after any leg exercise. YMMV

When I finish deads normally my hams are shaky and I feel like I just put out a lot of effort (which of course I did). However, my lower back doesn’t feel sore IMMEDIATELY after doing them. If I haven’t done deads in awhile then the next morning yes it will be the usual soreness from training.

MC is right though, keeping the bar in close is a good idea. What kind of deadlifts are you doing? If you’re stiff legging them it will put more strain on your lower back, though you still shouldn’t be in pain after doing them.

I always wake up the next morning after a hardcore DL session with a sore lower back and sore traps.

next day my lower back is killing me and if your doing conventional your hams shouldnt be to bad at all , and
glutes shouldnt be either really not enough work for your legs as your legs are such a huge muscle.
think how much more activation your legs get from squats then deads.
Sounds good to me.
Dont be afraid to go heavy either one of ther better excerises to go heavy on and advance on
great fun to!! x

few thoughts:

  1. do you do any glute activation in warm-ups? It’s important to be able to initiate the movement with your glutes. I like birddogs.
  2. Do you do any anti-rotational core work? Stronger abs, obliques, etc. will allow you to do a more challenging weight for your posterior chain. I like Pallof presses, see the most recent Gentilcore or Robertson column.
  3. Have somebody you trust check your form. Sometimes it’s hard to tell, especially when fatigued.
  4. I do an upper/lower split. I can barely walk out of the gym on lower body days.

My back is pretty gonzo after deads.

As long as you’re not confusing pain with muscle fatigue/soreness, you should be good.

My lower back dies while I’m doing my last warm-up set before my working set for deadlifts. Changing weights only makes my lower back worse. Goes away in a few minutes, and then off to the working set. Doesn’t give me any problems during and right after. Its usually the result of moving the weights off the bar, and picking them up without a straight back that leads to the pain. I usually wake up with no pain in my back, but my ass and my hamstrings have definitely taken some damage from the day before.

Also, whenever I try and play some basketball, 5 min into it, my back is totally killing me. Probably just occurs if I ran in general. If I play after not doing deads for 1-2 weeks, it goes away. Anyone have this when just running around?