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Deadlift and Bench Press Form Check

Erm, OK, I posted these a couple of days ago and the post got hidden, I don’t know why, so I’m trying here again. As I said, these are a couple of form check videos of me and my cousin doing Deadlift and Bench, if you’ve got any tips and or observations, please let me know.

First, here’s my cousin performing Deadlifts, 240 lbs x 3 reps:

Here he is performing Bench Press with 225 lbs x 2 reps:

And here I am in the Bench Press, doing 225 lbs x 1 rep:

Any observations about the technique of any of us?

I saw your first post the other day, so it wasn’t hidden. IMO not the best camera angle on the bench. I didn’t see anything horribly wrong. Maybe work on staying tight through the press. But don’t take my word for it, I can’t bench for shit!!!

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thanks for the advice, truth is, I really didn’t like the way I benched on this one. But what about my cousin? I think his Deadlift seems weird.

Looks okay to me. Hopefully some of the more experienced guys will come along and give their advice.

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A POSSIBLE solution for your cousin…from someone who knows very little…

He MIGHT be trying to sit back too much at the beginning of the lift. It looks like his hips come up quickly, even before the bar is moving, and his lower back is rounding a bit.

Personally, especially as a taller guy (how tall is your cousin), and based on my leverages in general, I can’t sit back AT ALL at the beginning. I know a lot of great lifters such as Ed Coan, Brian Shaw, and Eddie Hall sit back a lot at the beginning, but they’re built differently than I am. Check out the Starting Strength 5 steps to deadlift on Youtube. It’s the only setup that’s ever worked for me.

Again, just speaking from personal experience of one guy who used to try to sit back and would always round off the floor and never felt strong.

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Hey @colddog, both lifts looked good. On the deadlift your back was flat, shoulders were back, and your hips didn’t seem to rise too early which is all good. There was nothing wrong with your bench but something that helped me when trying to stay tighter was pinching my shoulder blades together when you lay down on the bench. The goal is to have as much of your back on the actual bench as possible. There is a video out there by Chad Wesley Smith where he goes through this, I’ll see if I can find it for you. Keep it up man!

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