Deadlift and Belts

At what weight level would you start to use a belt?
I am currently doing a Waterbury walk DL and am topping out at 8x3 with 280 (max is 325). Should I be using a belt at this point?

The last few years I have strayed away from belts but I am of the belief that at a certain point a belt can be beneficial.

How much additional weight could I be deadlifting with a belt?

Thanks for your thoughts on this one!

I typically throw the belt on when I’m at 80-85% of my 1RM in my pulling movement. So when I do reverse band deads … I’ll throw it on around the 500-525 mark.

Yet, this isn’t something you should go by, you need to be comfortable. Plus, I don’t throw on the belt for back support really, I put it on for an “ab wall” if you will. Just my preference as it will probably vary.

Body IQ, one question is how big are you and how long have you been performing the deadlift? The reason being is that i did not even use a belt for the first three years of deadlifting and managed 575 raw at age 18, at 6’3 260. I think this helped me build a strong midsection. I think that a belt should be used as little as possible, however if you are going for a max, then a belt is a good idea and Landon’s percentages sound right to me.

I typically put my belt on around 70% of my max when doing a max effort pull, then work up with it from there. I like to get the feel of having it on for a few sets before I have to begin straining…just personal preference. I do, however, agree that the more you can do without it the better.

I probably start with the belt around 70% as well (on ME. Always on DE squats). Part of that is because I had never used a belt before a month or two ago and I’m really enjoying it. Maybe it’s mental, but it makes a big difference in my lifts.

Cant really add anything here, these guys have awnswerd you question preety damn good, I would say it is personal preference, but yea use it as little as you have to…Big Martin

I tend to go at 315. My max on the suqat and dealift are in the mid 5 range, so I gues it’s around 60%. I also use it on my box squat for learning purposes, so to speak.

I normally don’t use an exterior belt unless I’m doing a 3 RM or less.

There was a good article about activating the TVA here at T-Mag some time ago, and I suggest it to anyone.

Good to hear the differing replies on this one.


DL 1x per week with squats on the other leg day.

I’m really looking to up my poundages over the next few months so the belt should really help.

What other exercises do you use a belt for (curious)? Squat variations?

I, and most likely anyone else using Westside, use them on box squats on DE day. I also use a belt on certain ME squat exercises including various pulls and squats once I get up high enough (70-80%).

I only use them on box squats. I sometimes use them on max effort work but not often.

I dont use a belt at all.
Ive used too and got injured in my back all the time. now I dont and hace no porblem. no belt teaches ou proper breathing under heacy loads (otherwise your midsection will be unstable)

the only time I see value in them is on max attempts which should happen rarely, every 4 weeks at least.

thats just my take.
note: not a compepetetive PL, stats 6’0, 182 lb, DL~160K, Squat 180K.


Jared pretty much covered it. The only other times I can think of include when we put on our bench shirts (to hold it in place, really), and sometimes when doing shrugs in excess of 500lbs.

im with demo.
only on deads and squats that are >= 3RM. Mind you, thats probly bugga all compared to most of you animals in here.