Deadlift and back work

As of late I have been focusing on Deadlifts as my core lower body lift. Because they make my traps and rhomboids sore I have cut back on the rowing movements on days i work my back. On back days i primarily focus on chins to work lats, the part of my back that does not get sore from deadlifts. I have had excellent success with this. In the past i used to do a comprehensive back routine(chins, rows, shrugs) during the same split where i was focusing on deads. I found that my back workouts suffered. I workout on a Poliquin 3days out of 5 split. How do you guys address the fact that the back gets hit hard by deadlifts, do you cut volume or certain exercises? Just wanted to share what has worked for me.

I had the same issues so now I’m doing deadlifts on hamstring day so it’s a ham/lower back day. Upper back can then be grouped with biceps if you do pulling exercises in one session, or you can group upper back with shoulders or triceps if you like supersetting push/pull exercises in one session. I like it because I can completely fry my hamstrings and lower back and then give them complete rest until the next time I hit 'em.

cyguy, I am doing something very similar right now although I am using both deadlifts and squats as my core. I do deadlifts on Monday and Squats on Thursday. I use a Monday,Tuesday,Thursday,Friday split and Tuesday,Friday are upper body days. I am also not doing any rowing movements because I feel the deadlift provides more than enough load in this regard. I am experimenting with westside barbell conjugated periodization for the upper body Tuesday,Friday workouts. Friday is my dynamic (speed) day and for Tuesday’s Max effort day, I’m using Poliquin’s 5% soultion.
So far, so good…

I just had this very discussion with myself last night before my back workout. As I was tired and felt a bit drained, as considering I deadlift 90% of my back workouts, I decided to concentrate on barbell rows this time, and not deadlift at all. As you said, when one deadlifts, there isn’t much left for rowing. So I performed several sets of barbell rows, went as heavy as I can and keep good form (for me, 225# - 275#), and finished off with pullups and some low pulley rows.

I think you're on the right track, but I'd switch things up on some type of schedule, so you're still deadlifting more often than you're not.