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Deadlift and Back Rounding?



Just a quick form check…

This is just over double bodyweight (~420lbs) at ~205lbs bw, I’m concerned that my back is rounding a little too much. Any advice? Far left is starting position.




I don’t see any issues. However, you are wearing that belt backwards. The purpose of a belt is to brace your abs against something, but you have the smallest part of the belt on your abs and the largest part on your back. Ideally, you’d want a belt that is uniform in width, but if you can work that, turn that one around.


It’s not a proper lifting belt just a cheap light duty one I bought years ago and never bothered to upgrade, it provides very little in the way of genuine support, I think it’s more of a placebo than anything. Probably worth investing in a real one though. Thanks.


Looks fine to me. Another vote for a better belt too.


Cheers. Looking like there is a consensus forming haha


Your back looks just fine. The belt is not a good one but as it doesn’t support you too much, you’ll be building your core strength.


Wouldn’t you also be building your core strength WITH a belt? I may have misunderstood you.


Yeh thats what I thought, the not wearing a belt will built core strength, but its probably worth getting one for when I get back to 500lbs and over.


Sure you build core strength either way but I don’t see anything but positives in lifting with a belt that supports very little if the lifter can hold the package tight that well.


Ah yeah, absolutely, that belt in particular is of little value.


Yeh I might just get one for when I go very heavy…just for injury prevention (and maybe to add a few extra lbs :P)


You’ll want to flip that around. Belts don’t prevent injuries, but they’re very helpful for lifting more weight…which can actually result in more serious injuries.