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Deadlift Against Bands


Any ideas how to set it up. I've got the 40 inch bands, so even doubled theres no resistance for the first foot, then all of a sudden it hits you.
If we do double and add a barbell, there is not enough stretch to make it to lockout (not sure how to explain this any better).

Any one figure out any good set ups?


Do you have a Jump Stretch platform? If not, there isn't much you can do (although some people have had success standing on the bands, I think it's really awkward).



Some racks are setup so you can do it with mini-bands, eitiher doubled or quadrupled.

I've also done them using a reebok step-up which makes for a deficit band deadlift.


stand on a box.


No jumpstretch platform.

I think the most obvious answer, now that its been posted, would have been to stand on a box and pull from a rack.



Prefab timber decking modules. They will raise you about an inch off the floor.


Im sure you can find the right answear on elitefts.com


If you have bayonet style pins on your rack you can set the pins where you want to pull from, set the barbell on the pins and loop the bands around the ends of the pins that stick through the uprights. Thats how I do it.


Anyone have any experiances with reverse band deadlifts? Any thoughts?


I do them just fine resistance the whole way maybe not the first inch.

Do them double wrapped around the rack and double over. Just did them yesterday. Or like was said from a platform.


I dont have access to a jump stretch platform either, but noticing the setup of one, a smith machine in its lowest setting works about the same for me.