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Deadlift After Smolov!


Hey guys I just recently finished smolov and went from from squatting 330 to 365..not to shabby. Finished the cycle about two weeks ago. Before I started, I was deadlifting 425 for singles. Went back to deadlifting....405 feels so fucking heavy. Decided to add some bands and see if they helped at all. Shit still felt heavy at the top? This is a video of my deadlift today.

How can i rework my deadlift after not doing it for so long? Any help would be appreciated. Rip me apart!


Sorry here is the link!



I'm no expert and I won't pretend to be, but you might just be out of practice. Remember, its a movement not a muscle. So you didn't necessarily get weaker, maybe you're just rusty?


Thanks for your reply...I figured the exact same thing. Just frustrating I guess. 405 felt easy a few weeks ago!


Same thing happened to me. Did smolov base cycle and had great gains...I came back into deadlifting expecting that to be stronger or at least the level it was before, and I was much much weaker and just all around inefficient at pulling. My warmup felt like a workout. You'll be fine, just get back into it slowly and don't expect too much from yourself too soon.


weird, smolov base added 20 lbs to my conventional pull.