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Deadlift After Leg Day Without Squats?

Hello, i want to know if i can do deadlift day(with back exercises) after my leg day , this leg day consist only

leg press
hack squat
calf raises(standing/seated)


It’s really to you. Some people can, some can’t. Depends really what you want to achieve.

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You have my blessing.

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Do whatever you want. If it doesn’t work, stop doing it.

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i want to mix hypertrophy/powerlifting, but all routines i ever see its 4 or 3 days only , and i really need to go 5 days but, monday to friday…

So i m thinkin in doing upper/lower similar to PHAT and push/legs/pull(U/L/PL/P) because i getting tired doing push/pull/legs , so in this legs day i do only the exercises i already mentiode and the pull day(friday deadlift and back exercises

what u guys think?

My stats is 330 lbs squats / 400 lbs deadlift / 265 lbs bench

thx for the blessing priest lol

Why do you really need to go 5 days?

There are a ton of powerbuilding programs that go on for 4 days a week and yield great results.

I think the real question is why is your leg day so weak?


Why not lift weights 4 days a week and do conditioning on the 5th day? Because I have a feeling you aren’t doing any of that, and it’s holding you back.


Yeah, I think you could fit the dead lift into that. In fact, I’d go hard on dead lifts first and then use those others as assistance exercises or antagonistic exercises (like doing rows and bench on the same day).

@Furius @T3hPwnisher i need to go this 5 days because, i feel a lot better, i already suffer from psychological problems, and i really cant take a rest day, i barely stop at my house because this problems…

I am already doing a conditioning,going to the gym, its 50 min from my house, and i go walking and back the same way

i tried to do HITT or running on my rest days when im doing my previous workout Greyskull LP but dont worked and cant recover well, so i stop doing that , and only do this walking and after the legs days i do some jogging…

At weekends my gym dont open

@Yogi1my second legs day are weak, because i am going to deadlift the next day, so i dont want to do a lot of stuff

@paules Ty!

What conditioning do you do?

You can DL a day after squatting. I used to squat heavy, hit a deadlift variation and next day deadlift heavy and hit a squat variation every second week (the other week I’d have a couple of days between them).

Worked fine, although I wouldn’t want to do it now. My squat and DL were a bit higher than yours then, so you should be absolutely fine for at least six months.

The only caveat is that when I did those back to back days I’d be coming off a two day rest and after I’d have a three day rest.

So, if you insist on training five days a week you’ll need to be smart about how you train those lifts.

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AC- anterior chain (leg press, front squat, zercher squat, oly style squat, hack squat, etc)
PC- posterior chain (good morning, rdl, pin pulls, ghr, ham. curls, box squat, etc)
LO/Sh- lockout and shoulders
Ch/Bck- chest and upper back

Always include midsection work with squat and DL days.
Curls somewhere in there for injury prevention

M T W Th F S Su
squat BP DL BP Sq.

bp sq BP DL BP
Ch/Back AC LO/Sh PC Ch/Bck


I think this way, you’re not going to overtrain and can still work things hard and spend more time in the gym.

You could also do some light squats before DL’s and do your AC work DL day so you squat twice a week and do some light pulls after your heavy squat and do your PC work after squatting. This way, you get more practice with squat and DL.

Now that I think about it, I like that better.

edit: I forgot I lose formatting with the new set up. Just ask if that needs cleared up if you don’t see what I was trying to say there.


i am joggin 2x week, since i tried rurnig but dont work, i dont recover well

The day after i squat, is my PUSH day, so i think its goona be very hard to me do the others stuff i gonna do in the day

Man this scheme looks awesome, but it’s not too much clear

I would say that’s a pretry clear sign that you need to focus on your conditioning.

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So why ask if you can do DL day after leg day if you aren’t going to do it?

Did you mean training DL after legs? The way you train legs, which for the record I think sucks, you could easily DL after that.