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Deadlift Accident: Real or Not Real?



Most likely he forgot to breathe and passed out. That x-ray looks unlike any I have had.


Yeah it some sad stuff. I agree I think it is the fall onto the bar. Apparently it is in China. Jason Blabla has a video on youtube discussing . I saw it in the sun.


I can see that happening. I dislocated my spine squatting so I don’t doubt too much after that.


To clarify it’s the xray that looks questionable. He fell very nastily onto that barbell.



  1. Theres no way that the vertebrae would fail in shear before the vertebrae-disc-vertebrae would simply slide apart (maybe this is what happened to skyzyks when he dislocated his spine).

  2. He would be paralyzed cause the spinal cord would be torn most likely.

  3. Look at that elementary level attempt at a photoshop of the “spine xray”

  4. The guy was lifting like 172lbs (look at those shitty plastic plates).

  5. It was published on “the sun”.


Fake, if he were paralyzed he probably would have fell instantly. His blood pressure probably shot up, he then fainted and fell. He might have broke something after falling, however. A real doctor should probably comment.


I have to agree with @dchris that the guy simply passed out, and with @carbiduis that the XR is fake.

Notice that, before falling, the guy goes still for a moment, then becomes wobbly, and finally tips over to the side. If he had sustained the injury suggested by the XR, he would have instantly lost all muscle tone below the level of the injury, and would have fallen straight to the floor as if he’d been shot through the spine.

As for the XR…My favorite aspect is the spinous process that has been fractured along with the vertebral body. (The spinous processes are the bright white bodies to the right of the vertebral bodies.) The only mechanism of injury that comes to mind that could produce this XR is if the individual were cut in half with a samurai sword.

No wait, I’ve changed my mind. My new favorite aspect of the XR is the fact that the guy has no ribs. (Maybe he’s a snake?)


Like this f%@kin guy…


Mine popped out when I lost my abdominal column just as I left the box. Hips went up real quick and the rest of my torso didn’t. So it popped out and twisted at the L4.


How many teeth did that guy lose…


I’m not a doctor, at all, but the lack of ribs was a problem for me as well. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this fella a little short on pelvis as well?


Damn dude, you have taken some abuse!

Everything story you tell makes me cringe.


Good point. Between shearing his spine in half, causing all his ribs to burst out of his body, and forcing his pelvic bones out of his rectum (presumably), that was one helluva DL. Hope it was a PR!


I’m like Wolverine without the fancy bone bling. Did I ever tell you about my thumb? Agh, it was freakin disgusting…

I consider myself pretty fortunate, really. We have some very good hospitals around here.


your bleach story has been the worst by far


Ugh. That was bad.

The guy I cut trees with takes the cake though. 50 ft. fall, landed flat on his back.

His X-rays must have looked like a game of pick-up sticks. He broke just about everything.


His spine?

Made in China


Do you really watch the videos of this guy?

How dumb do you have to be if so.


If I posted a video of me walking into Harvard and posted a photo of a diploma next to it, would you think I was a graduate?