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Deadlift 700x3 Raw


This guy is a beast.

Former Florida State Seminole Matt Meinrod deadlifts 700lbs for three easy and smooth reps only 4 months after surgery to repair a broken leg and dislocated ankle


Goddamn. That's impressive.


Before surgery his 1RM was 400lbs. I hear his operation cost around six million dollars. lol

Good work but I hope he has healed properly and doesn't have pins or holes or anything that he is going to stuff up ... ?


Just about 2.2 times his body weight.


Impressive lift, but rounding your back with 700 pounds? Ouch.


True but he has to move that bodyweight too.


Does that mean that the more you weigh the LESS you should be able to deadlift?

No of course not.

But...2.2 times bodyweight is very respectable for three reps. However, it's not outstanding.


One word:


I would expect that a guy that weight's 3xx can deadlift that much.


As someone said in one of the previous thousand threads started about this video, it wouldn't be Friday unless someone posted this video. Seriously, how many freaking threads are there going to be?


Well for this guy, bodyweight is a tool. If he lost 40 pounds, his deadlift would probably go up 20-30 pounds without him getting any stronger. That would put him around 2.6x for a triple. A 200 pounder doing 520x3 I think would be outstanding.

I don't think that you can compare strength between guys of different weight by dividing by bodyweight. In some lifts, you have to move your bodyweight and in others you don't.

Also, a 300 pound guy with a 30 inch vertical impresses me more than a 150 pound guy with a 30 inch vertical. The 300 pound guy is twice the force on the field as the 150 pounder.


You don't powerlift, do you?


Ever wonder why the pullup is not a Pling event? Because nobody cares how many pullups you can do. This relative strength thing was old before it started.


He sure doesn't look like 300+ pounds...


I am very powerlifting and strongman oriented, but I switched to sumo deadlifts because I used to use my back way too much (my hips shot up and I used to stiff leg them practically).


You've got to be kidding. It's 700 pounds.


So true.


For the record, many guys in light weight classes have done 3-4 X bodyweight deadlifts, but less than ten have done 900. Coan, Wohbler, Heisey, Magnusson, Bolton, Henry, Kaz in an exhibition, and two or three others.

Relative strength ain't relative. You can't cry relative strength in the real world.

It's teh gay as the young ins say.


Because the lever arm is not too long when you round the upper back, the force is miniscule compared with when you round the lower back. You also have a bony structure called the ribcage which protects you from injury.

Dave Tate even recommends doing "upper back goodmornings" where you simply round and straighted your upper back lifting a safety squat bar from a high rack position on your back. He also recommends rounding the upper back when deadlifting to shorten the distance (raise the hips) and also decrease the amount of lean needed in the lower back. Also, I have read studies that showed that the force on the lower back reaches much more dangerous levels with a sumo style deadlift than conventional.


Reinhoudt and Gary Frank.