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Deadlift 495lbs at 167lb


Struggling at locking out, any advice is greatly appreciated.


Holy crap, no belt and all! That's impressive. I've found sumo pulling for speed work has helped make my lockout snappier but that's pretty much all I can come up with. Maybe dropping your hips a tad at the start would give you a bit more leg drive too? That said, I pull high hipped and haven't had many issues locking out. If I fail its usually off the floor. You could also look at driving your hips through much more aggresively - one cue I've heard for that is twisting the toes out. I've found good mornings help with the whole hip hinge.

Sorry, not really much help.


Angle is kind of tough, but from what I see at the start your upper back rounds. That helps off the floor, but makes it harder to get your hips through at the lockout. I have the same problem on max attempts.


Thank you for the reply. I have never really used a belt. Always really enjoyed the whole natural raw idea. Going to use all your tips, I appreciate it.


I don't know a single federation that doesn't allow belts in its raw division. If you're not competing, and you don't care about the increased capacity for heavy lifting while still very much remaining a raw lifter, then there's no need to consider a belt I guess. I think it has value for training purposes, but to each his own.

As for your form, I think the extreme jerking at the elbow joint is detrimental, and in the long run will likely be very taxing. My guess is you haven't been lifting for very many years. I'm 31 years old, and I can assure you, this technique is not something you will be incorporating at my age. More importantly though, it reveals that you're favoring aggression over tension in your set up. I think you should have both in order to pull optimally. I believe you can get more speed off the floor if you begin your pull with extended arms. Just something to think about. You can still be very aggressive initiating the pull... this just isn't the best way to do it.


THIS. I should have noticed the lack of extended arms, its going to have a pretty significant effect on your pulling.