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Deadlift 405x3 - Form Help

I noticed that I am not using legs all that much. Could it be because my lower back is more dominant. I naturally feel stronger this way. I going to start madcow and use 355x5 as my 1st week starting weight.

Thanks guys.

Rounding, your back looks to be. Strengthen core, you should.

Hips, you should lower.

Stop hitching the weight (ramping it up your thighs). If you can’t pull it without doing that, you can’t pull it.

You’re rounding too much and not trying to arch at all. You need to arch much harder, which means you will have to pick your chest up and drop your hips a little during your set-up. The rounding is also causing you to hitch at the top because from that position you have no leverage to finish the lift and are hitching to compensate. Given the video and the adjustments you need to make, you will likely have to start lower than 355x5. Getting your technique correct right now is much more important than your poundages at the moment. Good technique will lead to much better long term strength gains.

had a similar problem about a year ago, still trying to get my deadlift back to what it was. this article should help http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/how_to_pull_1008_pounds_and_make_it_look_easy