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Deadlift 1RM Test



I want to retest my DL 1RM this Friday. Last best single was an even 500lbs w/ double overhand hook grip + chalk. (About 4 months ago)
It wasn't a total max attempt, probably 95% of max.

I have been training DL in my HP Mass routine usually 3x / week at 80% 3RM calculated at 475.

Today I worked up to 415, most days I just go up to 395 (started at 375 3 months ago). 400 comes off the ground very well, especially on 2nd rep - I do dead stop at bottom.

Could you advise for Wednesday's session and then Friday's max attempt day please?

I have been training double overhand with straps since so frequent - does it take much away from the lift if I do max single with straps?

Not doubting I can hold on to 515 or 525 with hook grip - but, would like your point of view.



Wow - it's lonely in here... :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, if Thibs would have been watching me today, I think I would have gone for 555 DL.

But, since it was just me and my thoughts I did 525.

Really surprised me how fast it came off the ground - I believe this is due to training with HP Mass methods as I have become much more explosive.

So, with a light belt and two fistfuls of chalk I rocked it with a hook grip.

Thibs, when I get to train with you some day we'll go for 555.

Thanks for past advice along the way. You've been a big help.




Congrats M, i always look forward to reading your posts on your training and the progress your making. Your experience, and knowledge is always helpful.


Impressive - an inspiration for those of us still down @400 lbs. And no straps, to boot.


Well, I can positively attest to Thibs perfect rep method and to HP Mass principles. It would seem that DL'ing 3x/week would induce overtraining but in my case it boosted DL tremendously and I've never felt better. Key also is NC WO's on 'off' days.

Grip hasn't ever really been an issue for me, not sure why or why not. Getting the hook grip down with chalk probably the reason.

Using Anaconda protocol a big reason for success as well - I ran out for today, forgot to order in time (now it's on it's way) but just used Surge WO Fuel and BCAA's today, nasty! Anaconda a huge help in increasing work capacity and recovery.

Thibs + Anaconda protocol = success 4 me