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Deadlift 1RM Critique

Max Effort deadlift today. I took videos in hopes of getting some critiques/pointers. Here are my three singles ending with 465#.

Here is what I think I’m doing wrong when I see these videos. I think my back needs to arch more on all three attempts and I think my shoulders are in front of the bar at the beginning of the lifts when they should be directly over the bar.

If you’ve got any pointers, see any sticking points I should address, or anything I need to fix, please let me know. The GIFs in order are 420, 465, and 445. They just uploaded out of order.

Looks fine for a max. I’d probably target your hams in the next little bit.

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  1. You are right you need to get back more, and start the pull with your shoulders behind the bar.

2 @tsantos is right you will need some hamstring and glute work once you get your technique down.

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Looks pretty damn smooth with one small exception. Keep the shins more vertical and the butt further back, weight on your heels. Andy Bolton has a clip on youtube where he describes better than I ever could.

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