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Deadlift 147.5kg Attempt - Should I Change Technique?

I had already tried the set once, I got two reps on my first try and this was my second set. I was doing “I’m not doing jack shit” version of 5/3/1 today so this was my final set.

I don’t think it went all too great unless I am wrong. While I think my setup was ok I think my back was rounding even though I tried to look straight forward. I also hyperextended at the end which is a bad habit that I have been working to stop.

I think the entire form imperfection I am seeing (the rounding) could have been averted by mentally driving the chest up. I feel like I thought “Fuck this feels heavy” and felt like the weight was dragging me down to the floor.

Should I repeat this weight or should I carry on like it was advised last time? (Striking a balance between not being a slave to form vs having bad form).

p.s. Forgot chalk and I don’t use a belt, so this was a total raw lift. Also, I am really liking the hypertrophy and strength gains from the programme, I wish I switched from a standard bodybuilding split earlier. I am also not afraid now to eat more, I used to be afraid of eating too much but I don’t gain on this programme unless I am eating more all off the time.

You should be able to hit your TM (training max) for 5 solid, “fast” reps.

Everyone is built different so you really have to feel what works for you through repeated efforts. Yes you have some technique flaws but no one on here is going to be able to tell you exactly what you need to do. Usually getting stronger is the answer no matter what.

I’d say if that was your 1 rep max, then you should probably set your training max to 80% of that. Just focus on being able to control the weight off the floor to lockout and back down for at least 5 solid reps.

I think my TM is correct. When I started the programme a few months ago, I could hit 140kg for 6 reps. So that was my starting TM at the time. Now my TM has progressed to 155kg, I am not sure how many reps I can hit with that as I have not tried yet. However, I am pretty sure that I could have had more than 2 reps of 147.5kg today, I was focusing more on form.
Today was my 95% of TM day.

I am on boring but big with Wendler’s programme (as a large part of my focus is hypertrophy, but I also want strength gains) so I don’t really push the final sets. I just hit what is minimum for the 5/3/1 sets.

Hope that clarifies things. I think I will see how I will do on the next session or two. I think probably drop boring but big for the next cycle just to see how many reps I can get out of 147.5kg (I am probably going to repeat the cycle of the 155kg TM).

You should be able to get 5 solid reps on your 95% of TM day, if not more. I lower my TM every time I start to feel slower on my 4th or 5th rep. I should be able to get 10 reps at 95% of my TM, not just 1-3. You’re getting 1-3 reps at 95% TM, lower the weight to where you can rock out 5-7 or even 10 reps at 95% TM - it will help you get stronger and your form will improve as a result.

Yeah, there should never be any doubt whatsoever that you can get at least five good reps on any set. If you’re struggling at all on sets that call for less than five reps, your TM is too high.

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I am going to make the 95% of TM 145kg next cycle (So TM will be 152.5kg) and see if I can hit 5 reps. I am really quite sure I can because I started the programme being able to do six reps of 140kg. And the 145kg does not look intimidating. I’ll obviously bring the chalk though. The reason why I don’t usually go all out on the last set is because I am on boring but big.

if you can’t hit 152 for 5 good reps then you don’t make that your TM man

I know, but I started on 140kg being able to hit 6 reps on it. I used that as my beginning TM. I increased my TM by 5kg on every cycle as the programme instructs. If I can hit 145kg for 5 reps then it will be my new TM. If not then I have regressed.

Boring but big does not give you the chance to hit the 5RM. I need to test the 5RM out now and see where I really am in terms of progress.

A bit random of a suggestion, but if you’re using KGs, increase +4kg on squat and deads and +2 kgs on press and bench at each cycle. 5kgs is 11lbs, 4kg is 8.8, might be useful or not but using 4kg has worked for me. I’d rather keep the increase just a tad lower than just a tad higher than the prescribed amount (especially if I had to run BBB)

The thing is you won’t always get an even amount of KG’s for your sets, so if you need to do for example 131.3kg, do you shoot for 130 or 132,5KG? Depending if you pick the lower or higher weight, 4 or 5kg won’t matter that much.

In that ex. I’d do 131.

standard rounding. Mine’s all in excel so does that automatically

You got 0,5kg plates?

Yes my gym has a couple.
You can also get them cheap on ebay, or use multiple collars (they usually weigh around 1/4kg each)

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You asked us about a form video and my suggestion is to learn to lift lighter weight stronger. It doesn’t mean you’ve regressed, it means that you should focus on getting stronger before you add weight to the bar. From what I can tell in the video, that weight is too much. Lower your TM and stop trying to justify it. It’s too heavy. Go back to 140 and lift it 5 times with a “flatter” back and control the weight down. If you can do this, you can add some weight. You don’t need to test your 5RM, you just need to find a weight you can lift for 5 strong reps and make that your TM. This might be your 10RM, this might be you 15RM, I don’t know… It’s not about grinding reps, it’s about each rep being as fast, controlled and explosive as the others.