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Deadlififting With Chains


So, I finally have access to a gym with chains, platforms, power racks, bumper plates, etc...

Anyway, I'm going to incorporate deadlifts with chains into my 'strength' routine.

My question is: I'm weak off the floor and strong at lockout. Would it be a better for me to put 265 with a 25lb chain on each side, or like 235 with a 50lb chain on each side?


Read the overcoming lousy leverages articles to get some ideas... Most folks who are weak off the floor get a lot out of pulling straight weight from a deficit



Yo man,

I really don't think that using chains will do much for your deadlift if youre weaker off the floor and stronger on top. The only thing that I could see it doing is requiring you to pull harder from the start and learning to grind out a hard lift.

Other than that, it's just going to be making you better at your strength while the weakpoint (off the floor) stays the same. I'd invest more time into defecit pulls.

And honestly, if your pulling around 300, I don't think that chains are really all that necessary anyway. Getting comfortable with the full movement at your stage can be quite valuable. You're not going to experience as much difficulty in recovering from full deads until you start pulling more weight. So, I'd advise getting used to the full thing. I'm sure it'll work either way though. Good luck.



I'm also thinking chains aren't necessary for you at this point. Especially because they'll help lockout, not off the floor.

Having a strong squat will help you off the floor.

I know this may sound counter-intuitive, but since your squats REALLY need improvement, focus on them. Deadlift once every two or three weeks. Squat once, maybe twice a week (if twice, then one heavy (low reps) and one light (high reps) day) if your training allows.

I assume you're still eating more. Keep doing this.

Lastly, thanks for the chain idea. My lockout sucks - I think I may try this.


Agree that you should focus on your squat, as long as it's DEEP. Squatting off a low box should help. When you do pull, try standing on a 3-4" platform and also deadlifting against bands in order to build your explosiveness off the floor.


If you don't have a good platform you can always load up each side with 25's instead of 45's. You should be able to put at least six per side, giving you a min of 345.


i cant believe loading with 25's to create a deficit has never come across my mind...good tip!


where in CT is this gym? I live in CT and there are alot of shitty gyms near me


Its the Sacred Heart university gym.


Is that Hartford area???? I am in Middletown, either way it most likely too far.