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Round 1 of being honest and doing this 4 real.

uhhhhh so it goes like this...

Meal 1: 4 eggs w/ organic salsa

Meal 2: Mixed greens salad w/ ~ 4 oz chicken breast and guacamole

Meal 3: Two gigantor bags of jerky 6.5 oz total and 1 oz almonds

Meal 4: Post Training shake ~50 grams n Glutamine/Glycine

Meal 5: Amy's Lean 14oz w/ mixed vegetables...not bullshit either I promise...sprouts,celery, peppers, etc.

Liquid intake: About zero water, 24 oz coffee, probably 48 oz diet, and that's about it.

Training Wise:

Sooooo....I fell down the stairs wednesday and had to go to the ER.... Started with workout 2 while my foot and ankle become less black, red, and purple. I'm ok though.


Workout 2

Warm Up...shit that's hard itself.
A1:all for 6 35,40,45, 45kb, 55 kb, 55kb
A2:all for 20 Giant Black bastard 6x20
B1: 225x10, 275x8, 315x6, 365x4, 385x3
B2:55kb x 10 for 5 sets
C1: 3x12 w/ 80lbs really easy
C2: 3x10 w/ 40lbs NOT EASY at all

I'll hit #3 tomorrow and I should be able to knock out a bike ride or something for the 30 to 40.
Just glad I can walk today...was not pretty and sounded like "SNAP, snap....ahhhhh FUCK"



Meal 1: 2 eggs and 12 oz steak...flank I'm pretty sure cuz it did have some extra in the fat category

Meal 2: 50g Protein shake w/ apple

Meal 3: Large Mixed Greens w/ 8 oz chicken breast almonds and 1/4 blueberries. Balsamic Vinegarette

Meal 4: 60g Protein shake w/ glut and celery w/ p. butter

Meal 5: Amy's lean 14oz beef with mixed vegetables.

S state ~45 mins little over 2 miles.



Nothing exceptional, ate clean...sorry its been a day could not tell you specifics other than usual formula was followed so I'm pretty sure it was

1: Steak and Eggs
2: Steak and mixed greeens
3: Protein Shake
4: Some meat protein and vegetables

Official Day off...did still go for a good walk though ~45mins


Meal 1: 4 eggs w/ organic salsa

Meal 2: Beef Jerky (6 oz came out to about 65g protein 5g fat) and an apple

Meal 3: Lean ground beef (12 oz) and greens

Meal 4: Ho bag cheat time.... hot as fuck today and rode all day today for well over an hour soooooo.... post baseball practice took the family for some soft serve. Got a medium flurry thing (12 oz) Came back had protein, some nuts, and a banana to call it a meal. Then off to bed

I round about spent 60 mins on bike today riding from home and class. Felt completely destroyed and tomorrow is workout 4 so I wanted to be as ready as possible.

Also broke below 240 again. I had ballooned back up to about 248-250ish again. Still nowhere near the 265+ territory but want to keep making progress and I'm running out of time to fuck around.

Foot feels amazingly better...hurts like hell at end of day but have mobility and keep working it and stretching...less purple now and can get by with a compression sleeve. Prowler will be pushed tomorrow. Been dreaming of that ho bag.


Holy shit it has been crazy lately. Time to catch up before it gets outta control.
Eating has been clean but had a couple days where I didn't get in all meals so trying to keep an eye on that stuff with work and school it's way too easy to get wrapped up in a day.

Yesterday 6/3 is pretty much identical to what a full day looked like these past few days. I've kept the same format just missed a meal at end of day from fatigue.

Meal 1 coffee w/ 8 oz steak and two eggs
Meal 2 Lauras lean 12 oz with apple and nuts
Meal 3 protein shake 65 g protein w/ glut n glyc
Meal 4 chicken breast with salad and mega scoop p butter (like killed half jar in one scoop...it was about 4 1/2 hrs between 3-4 meal)
Meal 5 almonds and an apple....meant to have protein but seriously crashed for night.

Taking 15 credits over summer semester and have had to clock about 150-200 miles on work days. Been pre packing large part of meals during days to make sure I actually stay on track.

I'll be back to put up today's info and training


1: 6.5 oz jerky n 1oz nuts
2: steak kabobs (supposedly 12 oz but I'd say maybe 10) grilled veggies
3: protein shake w/ glut etc
4: tbone w 2 eggs potato
5: study session freakout 7 peanut butter chocolate Newman o's 6 oz yogurt...grass fed non homagenized...then about 16 oz whole milk.....
I proceeded to have legendary gas and pain.



  1. 8oz beef and an Apple
  2. Protein shake and almonds
  3. 12 oz sirloin w/ squash and grilled green beans
  4. Protein shake
  5. Baked Jenny o turkey breast sausage and celery


OK Time to really play catch up here... training has been nutso but good. Diet has been on and I have yet to kill anyone so we are looking good.

Starting with food...
12 oz ribeye and nuts w/apple

Protein Shake w/ almonds

Salad with 2 chicken breasts...vinigarrete....however the fuck you spell that

Post workout snuck in larabar with protein shake...more on that later

Laura's lean, some bluberries, and almonds

As far as training today

DB Shoulder Press 6x6x80
Lat pull down sets of twenty working up to 115ish...how this converts to normal lat pull downs I don't know...this thing is plate loaded and a motherfucker

Avg band rev bench worked up to 405x2...really thought I'd have three...take it down a notch I guess
KB chest supported rows 45's at least 5 sets x 10

DB bench 80x12x3
Seated DB clean w/30's

First Metabolic Day... 4 400m sprints...I'm not like lightning yet but I did keep them all in low 1:40's. Not great by any means but I know about 6 months ago this would have been impossible in general, let alone what time I did them in.

I have been either riding or walking pretty much everyday for at least 40 mins.

Training on other days up to now has been as follows

Work out 4
A1: 495 @ just below knee
A2: 365
A3: 165...tried 185 for one set...looked TERRIBLE so I took it back down to 165 for a bit
A4: used 45lber
A5: shit these sucked balls...rolling sweat after first round....
Only made 3 rounds...fucking intense...will get better though.

Workout 5
A1:got up to 235...I did these kind of like the pin press to hit top half...All I could really do to make other parts work with having 1 rack.
A2: pretty sure got up to 175 or 185
A3: same as 2
Did it 5 times
B1: did em with 10's
B2: did em to...but thought it was underhand so next time I'll switch it to prescribed.

Workout 1

This shit was insane...What I expected to hit for the day and what happened was humbling to say the least

No Belt
A1: Shut it down @ 385 x 4...holy fuck it blew my mind but with kb swings was done there...then hit 315x3 2sets
A2: dbl 45 kb...last set I could only get 8 and still actually do them with any sort of snap

B1: 55lb kbs
B2: this was just cruel

C1: loaded it up with 340 total
c2: did it with short band monster mini

Like I said I have been doing steady state at least four days....this week was first metabolic day so I picked the one that I loathed the most and did it. Fucking hate 400's so that will be my warzone I guess. Absolutely amazed that I did them...and felt I could improve. Good times are coming.


Alright been doing pretty good now....ankle swelled up like a balloon after 400s so I'll have to be a little more prepped and wrapped I guess for the time being...overall still really happy to have gotten through them and hope to be pushing it harder and faster as it progresses.

Diet for past two days has been absolutely identical...not kidding

  1. 4 eggs w/apple and 1oz almonds...it's the package size...lol
  2. Two 3.25 oz jerky and nuts
  3. Protein shake with extras...I've been pushing it up to about 75 grams
  4. Chicken breast w/ salad
  5. Peanut butter some blueberries and a protein shake...usually about 35

Today so far has been

  1. Eggs w tomato green pepper mushrooms and onion
  2. 4 chicken sausages...7 g fat 15 grams protein per and nuts

Training for Monday was as follows
Am: 35 min bike (have to haul kids behind me to school so it's always pretty tough...it comes out around 34-36 mins each time and I do it twice each day...4 times per week)

Workout 3
warm up
A1: Lying EZ bar tricep extension (been throwing fat grips on oly bar and doing them...will get ez soon) 4 sets x 8 reps @ 135
A2: Seated Zottman curl 4x7x45

B1: Blast Strap Tricep Extension 3x15,12,9
B2: DB Hammer Curl 8 reps w/fat grips/ 8 reps w/o: 40s w/ , 45s w/o...holy fuck

C1: Side lying dumbbell external rotation: 3x10x15lbs
C2: underhand grip band pull apart 20, 15, 15 w/ mm

Post workout: 40 mins bike w/ kids in pull behind