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Dead Zero by Stephen Hunter


Got It Tuesday Bd I love it . Of course I like all his stuff, so my opinion is biased.

there are some things that happen that can set up stories for a decade or two.


Love Stephen Hunter, now I know what to download on my nook before I take the family to the parents ranch. Thanks Doc


He's my personal favorite. It comes full circle. If you saw the movie and read the books you'll see what I mean.


I cant remember which one I read first, Dirty White boys or Point of impact. But I then went back and read them all. Lately I have been reading all of the Lee Childs, Nards started a thread about him. Some how I missed him all these years.


I just started reading him two years ago and blew through the series. Fun stuff.

It's hard for me to pick a favorite of the Hunter books. The characters grow and change. It's interesting to see how the fastest gun ever ages. I can relate to the getting older thing, not the fastest gun ever, haha!


I hear you, after all the years of reading medical books. I have the guilty pleasure of reading novels like Hunter, Childs etc. I also love fantasy and have since I was a child and read LOR. I would rather read these types of novels than watch TV.


Paperback or hardcover? I got a gift certificate from a book store for x-mas and I like his books. Sniper books FTW!


Hardcover or kindle right now.