Dead vs Squat

so training at home, I don’t have a squat rack…

Are Hack Squats, Deadlifts and Straddle Deadlifts replacements for the Squat until I find a remotely decent gym (read power rack) that accepts under 18s?

I’m aware that advanced people can’t deadlift too often but I’d call myself somewhere in between newbie and intermediate so what do you think? I’m doing ok so far in terms of muscular gains from deads but people say that most cannot handle deads 2x a week let alone 5x (I do the PTTP program by Pavel except ocassionally I throw in the odd extra set or two.)

I’ve done the OLAD and was happy with that…I wanted a bit of a change

You already know the problem, yes, deadlifts are great.

No, you can’t generally do them heavy several times a week.

Try speed pulls one day and relatively heavy the other days.

Try overhead squats and front squats. Snatch the weight for OHS, and clean it to front squat. Once you find a place to back squat, keep doing the OHS and front squats along with the back squats in alternate workouts.

There O-lifters and throwers that front squat and overheat squat exclusively, and do no back squats.

Keep training the deadlift in all its varieties.

Deadlifting and front squatting should be enough to ensure you make “complete” gains in strength and muscle. Also do not forget deadlift variations such as RDL’s and SLDL’s. You shouldn’t have a problem doing deadlifts twice a week if one day uses a variation such as RDL’s with a lighter weight.