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Dead vs. Squat Suit


I've been using my squat suit to pull with. It helps, but I am considering getting a deadlift suit. Wondering what everyone else is using and your opinion. I have been told by some to get a deadlift suit, while others tell me not to waste my money.

What does everyone think and what suit would you recommend?


First post? Cool. What are your numbers? What is your training like? How long been training? These are some of the questions I know that the more experienced guys and gals on here are going to ask you.

My opinion? I lift raw, but am a relative newbie to the sport... so I don't think my opinion matters much, and I don't have the experience in any suits...


I know a lot of top notch pullers in the single ply divisions really like the Metal IPF deadlifters. I think previously they were more interchangeable. That is about all I can chime in. I am savin' my pennies for a Viking.


To answer the newbie questions...330 bench raw (405 comp best single ply), 475 pull (single ply) and 405 (both raw and single ply), at a wgt. of 190 lbs. I've been lifting for some time just for activity and martial arts, but was sucked into PL when I was at the Arnold Classic and saw Andy Bolton pulling the floor up. Can't think of a better sport for anyone to participate in. I really have fun and have met some of the best people.

On the dead suit issue, I was considering getting a Metal. I was hoping those people who use both a squat and dead suit would be able to tell me there is really a difference in them.


Have you asked over in Strength Sports? There are stickies at the top of that forum discussing equipment and you will probably have a wider audience...


Nope sure didn't, but that certainly makes sense. Thanks soldog