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Dead-Stop Reps


Who here like's incorporating dead-stop reps into training? I know this topic has been discussed with CTs training and in other threads, but I have lately been incorporating it with Hammer Strength Machines, and other machines for nearly every bodypart, specifically chest/back/biceps with solid results. Just wanted to see what everyone elses thoughts are on this.


I enjoy using the dead-stop reps (either by pausing in a stretched position, or completely unloading the weight prior to preforming another concentric), especially for back movements.

This is a video from the end of July 2010, and I'm using a lighter weight for higher reps because I was towards the end 2 months without a deload.


That looks awesome Dead
I love doing them with back movements.
My favorite is the hammer strength high row, for dead-stop reps. I will usually do 1 arm, slow negative, 1-2 second pause, then explode. I worked up to 4 pps last session for a few sets of 8, I'll take a vid next time.


John Meadows discussed these in his recent article on back exercises. He recommends dead stop dumbbell rows



Yeah, if you have trouble hitting your back with rows these will do the trick. Love em.


this is how i got my calvs to grow . i started doin 4 x 8 calf raises per leg with a 40 kg db , holdin 2 secs at the bottom and 2 secs at the top


I do pendlays 3x a week which are dead stops.Also if i want to do a extension type movement for tris I'll do dead stop ez extensions.


Ya, I have tried out the dumbbell dead stop rows, really like those, felt them a ton. And I have recently incorporated pendlays, and those are definitely a keeper.


I think deadstops are a good way of developing the mind-muscle connection for the back. I do DB deadstop rows, and I can fell my whole back working when I doing it. Followed by a good lat stretch it also gives me one hell of a pump.


Totally agree. I feel that when I eliminate any momentum or swing with back exercises, it really allows me to develop mind muscle connection. For me, it almost feels like my arm is simply a lever and my lats are doing all of the work. Although I am a huge proponent of exercises like Kroc rows, which are almost the opposite of this, I believe there is a place for everything.