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Dead Stop OHS?


I know that Dan John and John Davies are big fans of dead stop front squats so yesterday I decided to try dead stop OHS.

I did 5x10@135 with 60 seconds between sets with the first 5 reps being "normal" and the second 5 with about a one or two second pause in the rock bottom position. It was an interesting twist on the OHS. Not sure if a one or two second pause counts as a dead stop but that is what I called them. My low back was a bit fatigued after that set/rep scheme so I then did a 4x10 on RDL's to build up a little endurence in that area. I may have been overdoing the 10x3 and 5x5 rep scheme for too long.



Interesting. Sounds awesome.

You've inspired me to try them this week...I'll do them with the bar across the pins of a power rack to get a true "dead start." I imagine this will be a hell of a core workout too.


Unless I really am missing what you are doing, I would worry about crushing your fingers...My mind is telling me this is a hazard. How are you arranging the bar?


Do you mean pause overhead squats???????????



I thought this is how you are supossed to do them anyway? I seem to pause in the bottom of all my OHS. I have only been doing them about 6 weeks and I am real close to doing bw. I love this exercise.


I use the power rack. I squat down all the way with arms fully extended. I mark the height and set the pins there. Then, squat under the bar with arms fully extended and stand up!! I only do 2-3 reps because it is absolutely draining. Good assist for snatches.


Yes, I believe that would be a more correct term for the movement.


Dan you have wisdom beyond your years...

I did a few with my grip just inside the cage pins and inevitably started sliding to a wider (and more painful) grip. I decided a 2 second pause would be a good way to finish... Next time I'll try them squating onto a box and see how that goes. I really liked the feel of completely releasing muscle tension at the bottom of the rep. Nice change of pace.



I find them so difficult.

I do them but I am making very little progress. normally 5x5 OHS everytime i step into the gym

But the weights i'm, moving are ridiculously light.


Let me know how you like doing them on a box. I had not thought of doing that at all.



When doing them..I was doing 135 for the same thing and it wasnt too hard..the only big problem when im doing them is wrist pain..do you have the same problem? if so anyone hear know what to do so it doesnt hurt as much..cause my wrists feel liek death..and i can definatly increase the 135 weight its just that my wrists really hurt when holding the weiht for reps ranging 10-15 for sets.



is that even possible? i recall an early issue of GetUp! in which Danny explained his early training days ... BFR runs used to be called UDE (Unhatched Dinosaur Egg) runs ... he eventually determined that the added exhilaration of being pursued by a 4 ton pissed off dinomother was not worth the risk ... thus the invention of the present day BFR

these deep pause OHSs are primarily about rep quality improvement ... i find that stability in the bottom position has been very difficult to obtain ... it has taken serious time and effort ... i have been doing these deep pause OHSs as well but typically on the last rep of each set so as to not fatigue the crap out of myself for future sets ... still OHSing almost every day for 5 sets as a finisher



Did them again today with a much longer pause at the bottom position. Not that much more difficult. 5x5 at 135 was quite easy, I will got to 145-150 next time. My shoulders and traps did get a bit fatigued by the fifth set from holding the bar over head for so long. Does that count as GPP?

j/k Sully


This will subside with time. I don't have a scientific reason but common sense tells me it's all about wrist flexibility.

To remedy this you can try taking a slightly narrower grip. Just how narrow you can go will depend a lot on shoulder flexibility as you'll still have to hold the weight over your center of gravity. Start with an inch narrower and go from there.


I was hoping my comment would draw this kind of response. Very creative.



Are you varying the intensity/set/rep scheme? Do them first? Do them last? You should be ... 5 x 5 could be ok even every day for a few weeks IFF the intensity varies greatly ... or 5x5, 3x10, 4x6, 3x8, 3x15, 5x3, etc ... don't repeat day to day ... realize the influence of other lifts on the OHS ... heavy upper days, especially pressing, make for light OHS days ... my best OHS days are on hi intensity low rep front squats days. Try to GTG each and every day with PVC or a broomstick or a chair or ... at lunch ... etc ... just thinking out loud with you here ...