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Dead Stop Exercises

I’m thinking about training with a lot of exercises from a dead stop. A lot of deadlift variations, concentric squats (anderson squats?) and any type of squat from pins. Bench from pins, Presses from pins, etc etc.
Could I get away with just doing this type of training or should I do regular movements too? I know I could do both, but I’m thinking that just using muscles rather then using the stretch reflex for movement will help with explosiveness for vertical jump, 1st step explosiveness and such.
Also, I could train jumping while doing plyos and stuff like that.

I guess my basic question is should I just work muscles in the weightroom and take out the stretch reflex, and then train the stretch reflex when on the track/field/court? Or does having all of that extra weight when doing movements like bench and squat actually strengthen the stretch reflex for sports?


Why? What is your goal?

Get stronger. Get faster. Jump higher.