Dead/Squats and The Layer System

CT, I’ve been doing a layer for fat loss that you suggested in another thread (a modified Strength Focused layer):

  1. ramp to 1RM
  2. 2 cluster sets @90% of 1RM
  3. back down to 70% of 1RM, ramp to a 2RM
  4. 2 cluster sets @90% of 2RM
  5. back down to 70% of 1RM, ramp to a 3RM
  6. 1 extended set @80% of 3RM

My problem is that I’m consuming 6 MAG-10 pulses, Anaconda (haven’t ran through my supply in order to change to Plazma) and 1 Fini bar on training days, and 1 solid meal. I’m getting ~ 2000-2200 Kcal/day. My 1RM for the dead/squat is 455lbs., which I know isn’t a lot for some of the younger guys, but at 51 with the above diet it’s very demanding for me.

I just don’t feel like I can adequately recover from that kind of load/intensity each week while eating that few of calories. However, I love to deadlift–or, in this case, dead/squat–so what would you suggest as a way to modify the fat loss layers to allow me to keep the dead/squat in the rotation without having to switch it up every week or two with front squats. I don’t like to switch off main movements that often.

I was thinking of possibly eliminating 1 of the cluster sets from each round, as well as lowering the extended set to 70-75% of the 3RM. Does this sound like a solid alternative, and if not what would you suggest?

By the way, I’ve been having great success with the layers overall.

Thanks so much for your time,


Another possibility is to eliminate 1 cluster set from each round, as well as eliminate the 3RM, finishing instead with an extended set @70-75% of the 2RM.

Good idea?



@Crowbar: Not CT, but until he chimed in have you seen his Deadlift post in the forum about doing it 4 times a week? You could do dead-squat launch too…just some ideas. Hope it helps.

Thanks Sput! Well, what I did today was modify the fat loss layers for my dead/squat workout. So, instead of the full routine i did:

  1. ramp to 1RM

  2. 1 cluster set @90% of 1RM

  3. drop to 70% of 1RM, ramp to a 2RM

  4. 1 cluster set @90% of 2RM

I eliminated the ramp to a 3RM and the extended set. Training went excellent today–I added 20lbs. to my dead/squat! in the past the full fat loss layers for dead/squat took me ~1hr. 25 min. It was just too long and draining. today it clocked at exactly 55min.–a full 30 min. less, and felt perfect.


Since i am not on the recommended Suplements. Recovery was a concern. I ran layer system like this:

Week 1: 6-9 sets to workup to 3rm. 90 percent of that for 3 sets pins/pause. 70-80 percent for hdl 54321.

Week 2: 6-9 sets to workup to 2 rm . Same.

Week 3: 6-9 sets to workup to 1rm. Same.

I am 33 years old and work manual labor job 55 hrs a week. This felt like a great way to get into the layer system and compared to other programs I feel like this hits you in every way possible. Even the way I ran it. As time goes on you add more sets if needed or adjust your hdl percentages as you get stronger.

Barbedwire, yeah that’s basically the hypertrophy layers. However, at 2000-2200Kcal/day (I’m 6’, 230 lbs.), and 51yo I don’t think that would work for me. I’m trying to shed body fat, so I was using the above posted template for Layers For Fat Loss. I modified the dead/squat layer because I’m getting to poundages that for me (475Lbs. yesterday) were simply too demanding to recover from due to the lowered calories and my age. So far I’m using the full Fat Loss Layers for my other 4 workouts each week.


Ya. I ran it like this to get a feel and in shape. Glad I did. I went on to the strength focus where I eliminate hdl and my pin/pause sets are 3x3 @ 90 percent. … working my way up to 92.5 percent. One thing you may do is on singles week only… run the lift as normal form with no pause/pins. I.e bench, squats and for me on deads… I pull my 90 percent from a deficit so… I’d remove the deficit and go from the floor. Point is on when it gets to your heaviest week … for me this helps get thru… ect. Just ideas. Goodluck.