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Dead Squat Bar


I am considering purchasing the dead squat bar.

1) If you can squat and deadlift without pain or leverage issue, what will the dead squat bar give you that those two lifts don't?

2) Is military pressing/ benching with this bar easy on the shoulders, or does it put the arms out too wide?

Any comments from those who use the bar regularly would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


1) Squatting/deadlifting without pain and squatting/deadlifting to promote maximum growth in the right places are two different things. That having been said, let's say that someone can do both lifts without issues and progress nicely from them, the benefit of the Dead-Squat bar will mostly be a training economy thing: you will get the training effect of two hard lifts with one hard lift, lessening the stress imposed on the body to get the same results.

2) It is A LOT easier on the shoulders and doing the bench press with the DS bar really hits the triceps more than any form of press I used and seems to hit the outer portion of the chest more.


Thanks for the reply, CT.