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Dead Space 2


Anyone playing this at the moment or beat the game?

Have you even attempted playing it in a dark room, surround sound on full and not shit yourself? What do you think of the game?

On chapter 6 so far and I'm loving it. I've played the Doom series in the dark but DeadSpace is on a different level, especially at the Hard level.


Should have posted in "Geek Shit". I personally do not have enough fresh pairs of boxers to play Deadspace 1 or 2.




Fun game!

Gritty, slow and brutal - especially when something is coming at you really fast and you just get your stasis field up with moments to spare.

Played it in the dark, sound blaring - but I wasn't alone, that's crazy.

The outside areas are easily the best parts...imo


How does it compare with the first? It was well reviewed but I just didn't like the handling of the avatar at all. It felt clumsy and awkward.


DS1 fucking ruled, but my cheap ass is waiting for a price drop


I am going to play it.

But now, for real. Chicks do NOT play goddamn Dead Space 2. Josh was right.


Just got it last night. I was a huge fan of the first (used to play that shit alone in the dark at my old apartment!).

Last night was perfect, I kicked the girls out, turned the lights off and fired it up. Game is scary as fuck but i'm not sure if it's as scary as the first. Definitely has pants shitting potential though. At level 3 at the moment and loving it.


Oh contrare, when I was studying for exams last semester my girlfriend showed up for a visit. Naturally I was busy studying for hours at a time. So I set her up with my xbox and let her pick a game (Dead Space). She was so absorbed in it when I came into the room she didn't even acknowledge me and when i got her attention i got "yeah in a minute" type answers. Mind you she sucked at it.

Shes not a gaming chick either


Spoiler alert...

Anytime you have to decapitate crawling toddlers you're bound to be a little freaked out...ya you spend sometime in a nursery have fun.


Beat 1 and 2.

IMO 1 was a hell of a lot better and scarier. Of course the only way to play this game is with lights off and full 5.1 surround blasting.


Beat it. I'm not quite brave enough for hardcore mode though. You get less ammo and money, the enemies hit harder, and you have 3 SAVES for the entire game. Also no checkpoints, so each time you die, you go back to a previous save (probably 4 hours back). But you get a foam finger for a weapon that kills everything, so its all ok.


Just wait until you hit the Ishimura for the second time. The game really takes off there, with no real pause in the action until the game is over. One of my favorite moments in all of gaming also shows up here:

"What was I to you Isaac? Your friend? Your lover? Your one light one BRIGHT SHINING STAR THAT YOU CLUNG TO IN THIS UNIVERSE? Or am I your guilt, crushing the life out of you because you can't admit it. WHO AM I TO YOU?"

"You were my everything! And if I let you go, then I've got nothing left"

So touching. Too bad the game shits all over this scene later. Isaac gets no happiness.

end spoilers

So yeah, I sort of liked it.



NO WAY chicks deadlift more than 140kg. 2kg pink dumbbells are all they need for a serious workout. Hahaha!!


Yeap, that nursery part is where I'm stuck at... I'm seriously beginning to have nightmares about it... even crawling babies scare the shit out of me now...


Didn't read the spoilers but I totally agree with the above. And that's why I love the harcore mode right now. It's stressful, irritating, makes me feel like shit, vulnerable and useless. But when I reach a new chapter, I'm like, 'take that motherfuckers! You really thought I'd give up, huh?? Fuck you! Fuuuuuck you!!!!'

Been playing it for 4 months now, only at chapter 6 and I know there are much more to come... I hope I get to beat the game some day