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Dead Silence (Movie)


I’m not a big fan of horror movies, I usually don’t find them entertaining, but this one looks like it could be entertaining. Its by the same writer and director of Saw but it looks as if he’s going for full-bore horror in this flick. I’ll definitely give it a looksee when it drops. If you like horror movies this may be one of the ones you see this year.

I don’t consider the Saw series or Hostel and the likes to be horror. Those are more gore than anything, which I enjoy for the most part.

Yea this looks good. I saw the trailer last week.

I’ll rent it.

I liked the Saw movies (though I haven’t seen 3 yet - DVD comes out this month I think) and I liked Hostel too, but I agree that it’s more a gore thing - Dead Silence looks gory, but more of a supernatural angle.