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Dead PR


We ended up bastardizing DE squat day to let me figure out what I'll be opening with in the push/pull.

The most I had tried before was 405. That was sumo style. I don't like the lockout portion of sumo right now, so I'm switching to conventional.

We worked up to 409. That was a joke. 449 went up real well too. 479 wasn't as good. I kind of hitched it up on my leg a little, and I wouldn't call it a legal lift, but I think the strength is there. 504 came maybe 8 inches off the ground.

I learned that my form needs a lot of work. Up until 479 my shins were 6-8 inches from the bar. I moved them closer, but I have to get used to it. I also need to get into position a bit better. Also, I need to pull my hips through a lot quicker and harder. When a girl in the gym starts bitching at you for not finishing the 504, you know you need to work harder.

With some work on form and the way strength has been going up, I should have a chance at the 500. I'll probably open with 400-405, then move up to the 450 range, then see what I can do.


Sounds like a plan. Keep at her, Man!


Were you wearing anything? I'm assuming the straps on squat suits help for deads?

You seem much stronger than 405 that is for sure. I would expect you to be pulling 550+ in no time, just gotta get your form into it.


Thata boy Jared. Great job my man! 500 lbs no problem by X-mas.......right?


I was just wearing a belt. (And clothes. :slight_smile:

I want 500 in October, but definitely by X-mas. Lifting in front of people is a rush. That should help.


Jared if you are going to Pull Sumo get the Metal Pro squater it will give a very good carry over to a sumo Dler....Big Martin


big martin: now I'm confused. I had thought the Metal Pro Squater suit would also be good for conventional deads.

I'm a conventional DL. It's been rather difficult to find a suit that I could use. They all seem to be for sumo. Dammit.


big martin - I will keep that in mind if I go sumo. I just need to figure out the lockout for sumo.


Nice job Jared. You should easily hit 500 soon.

After not doing deadlifts for more than a year and half, they are back on the program as part of the Renegade Powerlifting routine. After 8 weeks back, I pulled 310lbs with chalk only (no belt, no straps). Still good for a little more but didn't want to push it just yet.


Patricia- The Metal Pro deadlifter is the one you want to get for conventional pulls, The Metal Pro squater works for the sumo deadlift...I also have gotten a lot out of a Hardcore wich is one size to big for my conventional pulls...Big Martin


Big Martin: Thanks! I mucho appreciate it!

Jared: forgot to tell you, "Good Job"!

500 is just around that corner for ye.