Dead Pool

i just read the “Dead Pool” article in issue #160, and i was wondering as to what actual bodybuilders they were referring to. I picked up on Greg Kovacs (that was the funniest one IMO), and that synthol-freak greg valentino. who were the others? thanks.

For some reason, I’m really into bodybuilding gossip lately. Let me see if I can remember some of them, off the top of my head, without reading it again. Anyone please help me if I’m wrong. Dennis James is the guy who lives in Thialand, and likes Dbol, King Kamali is the guy who has gained like 60 lbs of muscle since turning pro, Paul Dillet is the one who looks like Frankenstein, Chris Cormier is member who uses the recreational drugs, Lee Preist did the leg press after his heart died, and Craig Titus is on there too, they say he has no pecs. Oh yeah, I think Charles Glass could be on there too, all the previous Dead Pools blend into one after a while.

Greg Valentino, Chris Cormier, King kamali, Lee Priest, Dennis James, Markus Ruhl, Greg Kovacs,and wrestler Triple U (in that order)


Eric should get a T-shirt for his T-mag trivia knowledge, damn it man!

It’s triple H, not U. lol

Hunter Hearst Helmsley, not Unter Urst Ulmsley…and the fact I know this means I truly have wasted my life.