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Dead Pool

After reading this issue’s Dead Pool article, I have a few questions to anyone who can answer them. First of all, have any of the “entrants” ever been caught with steroids or HGH’s in their system, or admitted to using them? I know the article is done, not to condemn these people, but to help them, but don’t you think making a joke of the situation isn’t really going to help? And above all that, speculating to whether they take them at all? I know the last entrant has never admitted, nor been caught with any illegal substance, and has also been bodybuilding since he was 14. His body could be the cause of hard work in the gym, not illegal drug use. Then again, maybe not, but by printing that article, you have given him, among others, a pretty bad name. Maybe that should be considered before you do another accusational article like this.

With all due respect: ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

[sides hurting- must stop typing…]

Misty, they don’t have to admit. Those are not bodies built by hard work and good genetics. I’m not saying they don’t work hard or enjoy great genetics. What I’m saying is that even with those two things, their physiques are not even close to resembeling their non steroidal potential. Ah, the innocence of the naive.

You’re kidding me right? I hope this is a newbie, at least they’d have a legitimate excuse

Okay, I’m over my laughing fit. Misty, assuming this is a real post, go back and read our article series called “Steroid Freaks from Around the World.” Then read “Dead Man Talking”, our interview with Lee Priest. Might also read my interview with Charlie Francis called “Rocket Scientist”.

On a personal note, I’ve spoken with a few of the top pros and all talked about their steroid use within the first 10 minutes of the conversation. They won’t talk about it in a Weider mag of course, at least most won’t. Looking at a pro and wondering if he’s using is like looking at a 105 pound porn star with perfectly round and hard DD boobs that stick straight up in the air when she lies on her back and wondering if they’re real or not.

I’ve also known a couple of “coaches” whose main job was to design steroid cycles for pro BBs and athletes. And of course, steroids are just scratching the surface- how about GH, thyroid meds, implants, Synthol, clen etc. etc.

Sure, we could “help” them. We’ll just say, “Excuse me Mr. Pro Bodybuilder, but you need to stop doing that stuff. That way you can give up the money, the fame, the pussy (or whatever orifice they prefer) and become a janitor since you have no other marketable job skills.”

Honestly, I’m sure most of them would rather not have to use such abusive levels of drugs, but that’s their game and that’s what it takes to play. Sad, but true.

seek help.