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Dead Pool Reference

I just finished reading the latest Dead Pool ariticle. While I don’t keep up to date too much on all the pro bodybuilders, I am a big fan of pro wrestling. Anyways, The reference to “triple P” has to be the most obsurd and undocumented comment I have ever heard. This man just put on a 60 minute match a few months ago. If he’s so unhealthy, how the hell would he pass this test of endurance. Regarding his weight, the guy is well over 6 feet therefore he is heavy, and he’s nowhere near as ripped as a pro bodybuilder. Triple H is probably the most respected and best wrestler in the business today and you’ve done nothing by making these nonsensical remarks.

undocumented?? look at pics of HHH now and compare them with pics of five years ago. gains like that dont come from creatine! dont get me wrong, i too respect HHH. the guy is a stud, what can i say? but if you think that he doesnt take roids, then you are the one being ‘obsurd.’

and by the way, last time i checked, the main focus of this site is not studio wrestling, but weightlifting. this article was not meant to further HHH's reputation as a superstar wrestler--it was meant to shed light on his exorbitant and dangerous steroid use.

HHH may be my favorite wrestler, but my opinion of him isnt dependent upon his use (or non-use if you are delusional) of ‘creative recovery methods’ (in case anybody recognizes that phrase, it is one of my favorite poliquin quotes). if you want to believe that HHH got his look from ‘natural’ training, go ahead…but, and i hate to break it to ya, the tooth fairy doesnt exist.

I’m no expert and I don’t know whether “Triple P” does drugs or not. But there is probably a long list of steroid users that could perform athletic feats of endurance that have dropped dead from using roids,pro wrestlers included.
It’s interesting to note that the majority pysiques of pro wrestlers today aren’t as massive as the wrestlers of the 80’s- Mid 90’g(Hulk Hogan,Tony Atlas,Ultimate Warrior,)

you must be really ignorant.
triple hhh(oops, i forgot, triple “p”)manages a gold’s gym in nashua,nh. he is very friends with several bodybuilders because of his ties with weider. Watch a tape of his old matches when he was hunter hurst helmsley. he still has the same shape but his muscles are a lot bigger and harder.
These guys must stay in shape year round. They don’t have a offseason where they can become “fat guys with huge forearms” like most pro bb’s. My guess is Triple HHH (oops, there I go again) triple “P” uses a ton of winstrol,t3, and d-bol, in addition to all his painkillers. Another way to know hes a juicer is this-I saw Raw live in worchester,ma about 6 months ago. He had some nasty backne(acne on the back).
Triple P belongs is the Dead Pool

“respected” and “wrestler” in the same breath = oxymoron

I am in the wrestling business and for those of you (IE: The bagel) That talk about it that are NOT in it SHUT UP.

Why was HHH included? The Bagel made NO valid claims! Yes he is on gear HOWEVER The Begal did not point out ANY of the Dangerous things he does why is that? I’ll tell you why-It’s called speculation!

FACT: Triple H does use steroids & GH (big deal.)
FACT: Triple H is in great shape.
FACT: The Bagel could have included 300 more Pro Bodybuilders before adding Triple H.

MISLEADING STATS! Hey Bagel are you not aware the WWF pumps up our stats?!?!
FACT: Triple H is 6 feet tall (not "6 feet 6 inches)
FACT: Triple H is around 240lbs and very lean-sometimes in the low 230’s.

FACT: TV & the Ring make wrestlers look bigger.

First, let me start be saying that I am a huge wrestling fan. More specifically, I am a huge Triple H fan. So I was surprised to see him on the new 2k1 dead pool. While I don’t disagree with the assumption that he does take steroids, as do most pro wrestlers, I don’t think that he takes an amount that would be in danger to his life. If fact, if I had to guess, I would say he uses only a mild amount of steroids along with a larger amount of T3 and clen. I say this judging by the way he stays lean most of the time, however he has always been big. When you look at the amount of size he’s gained in the past 3 years, I would guess that he hasn’t put on more than 20lbs. The author, the Bagel, also mentioned that he “get’s tossed around by 500 lbs. guys and jumps off the top rope regularly.” I disagree that Triple H’s wrestling style endanger’s his life to the extent that some other lighter wrestler’s styles do.

I would also like to comment on the post that states that a wrestler cannot be respected. How do you explain the sucess of The Mummy Return? The movie did a huge opening week, almost entirly because of The Rock. The Rock is a huge star that is being embrassed by the mainstream media because of his classy personality. Also, wrestler Mick Foley currently has his second number one best seller simply because he is such a respected wrestler.

all i know is that scott steiner has THE BEST body in the industry… bar none

Back in my day we didn’t need no stinking T3 and clen. All you needed was a good parrot and a funky dance.

JW- FACT: wrestling sucks.

to JW and the other guy…You guys sound like bitter wrestling fans. It’s like someone just told you santa isn’t real. Grow up out of your stupid fantasies and realize that most if not all of these guys take steroids.

And to JW: Please! I don't believe for a second that you work anywhere near the wrestling industry. I think you're a bootleg fan who follows every move these guys make. Again, wrestling is fake. Yeah, they do some cool shit, and take a beating, but you guys are to the point of being gay. Maybe you are. Who know's. But there's something wrong when you know that much about a guy. How much he's weighed and for how long. Dude, thats just gay.

Do you guys get all psyched up when Vince comes out and abuses you? do you go nuts and hate him. And then talk to your friends about how this guy turned bad and fucked this other guy up? LOL As Homer Simpson says “You are Gay…haha”

Stop being so bitter. Wrestling is dumb, its fake, and no one cares anymore. Damn juice heads!

Wait a minute…I’m missing something here. As I read excerpts from Foleys book, he sounded like a “dead man walking”. Between major fractures, ligament and muscle tears, arthritis, chronic pain, tinnitus and being weakened from chronic pain killer and anabolic use, he probably could’nt have done another year in the WWF if he wanted to.

So, are you guys defending the lifstyles, chronic drug use and walking time bombs the average wrestler is, OR are you just defending this handful of “stars”? I’m confused…because if its the FORMER, you truly have your heads in the sand (or have had it hit too much with barbed 2x4’s and ringside chairs…)

scott steiner?? that guy has the UGLIEST body ever!!! his arms dwarf his pecs and legs (wait a sec, does he have any legs down there???) the guy is so disproportionate that its hilarious. yeah, he is huge, but if anybody told me they want to look like steiner, they should be slapped. that guy is a joke.

While JW is in the ‘wrestling business’ and this probably means that he is some guy wearing a cape and hitting people with chairs in a garage, I think he makes a couple of good points. Triple H is not going to die anytime soon unless he pulls an Owen Hart. Second, this Dead Pool was really easy to guess if you do follow bodybuilding, and while Cormier, Lee Priest, Kovacs and Greg Valentino were right on the money, I doubt you’re gonna see Markus Ruhl dying either. Hell, his GH gut is not any bigger than Ronnie Coleman. I’d like to see some more obscure people too, like “Huey, Dewie and Louie” those 3 teenagers from the 2000 dead pool. Big name people are too easy. I wonder if the writer has actually met any of the people or just leafed through MMI?

Don’t hurt my feelings Cocoa!
FACT: I bet I make a lot more money than you, I’m bigger than you, & I could get a lot more “T-Vixens” than you.

Don’t get me wrong you either love wrestling or hate it & I am not hear to change anyones mind (as long as we have millions of fans to help us make good money that is all that matters) But a personal attack is pretty childish. “hey JW”
Scott Steiner should have been on the list before Triple H-That said I don’t think he has the best physique in wrestling…his chest is small.

If any wrestler is going to drop dead, it will be Scott Steiner.

What exactly do you do in the wrestling business? You’re being a little vague here.

I say it’s crazy to say that pro wrestlers are clean. I know of a lacrosse player who was on d-bol all season to take care of the beatings he was taking and to make up for all the training he was missing due to travel,etc. That was only for a 20 game season. Also you’ve only got to look at PPP’s acne back, receding hairline, and the signs in the crowd which say “Triple P fears drug tests”

I was just recently signed to a WWF Developmental Deal. Basically I get paid (not a lot yet) to train, wrestle (a lot of the time at Raw Or Smackdown Tapings in Dark Matches IE:not telivised.)
The developmental deal gives the WWF the first oppertunity to sign me to a full fledged contract or be the first promotion to turn me down. (IE: IF WCW was still around the WWF would have to cancel my developmental deal before I could sign with them-It gives the WWF the “right to first refusal.”)

I beleive the first person in "T-World" to know this was Bill Roberts as I had done consultations with him & recently when these offers were being made I was told I needed to be leaner so I got help from Bill with my diet & drug program.

As I said before I could care less if you love or hate wrestling (or beleive me) you either like it or you don’t.
I know the real size of these guys because I have met all of them and or talked to them for brief periods of time.
In my estimation (standing 2 feet away from Triple H) He is not over 6’1" & he was so lean he could not weigh “280” Maybe 250 tops.

And in past dead pools the author would state “MR X takes out his blood freezes it iwth GH & transfuses it back in the morning”
This dead Pool didn’t offer any evidence or even say what kind of dossages Triple H was using.
Yes all wresters use steroids JUST LIKE many NFL,MLB, NBA, & NCAA players-Olympic Athletes, Bodybuilders & even actors.