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Dead or Alive Movie Review

I was able to see this movie last night.

Definitely some cheese in it. Not too bad. The characters are pretty close to their video game counterparts. The story is average. Nothing spectacular. The acting was as good as it could be given the script. There were some funny scenes. The movie seemed as if it wasnt afraid to poke fun at itself. It even paid hommage to DOAX Volleyball.

The fight scenes were better than what I had envisioned. They were choreographed well. The girls moves, aside from the wire work, were believable. They weren’t prissy women acting like they could fight. The definitely put some training into it.

The women looked fantastic, all of them (Jaime Pressly, Holly Valance, Sarah Carter, Devon Aoki & Natassia Malthe). There was a fight scene in the rain that I wish was longer, between Christie (Valance) and Helena (Carter). They looked sexy as all hell.

Its worth a rental or even a matinee viewing when it comes out in December.