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Dead Lifts

What length of bar do you guys prefer to do deadlifts with? 5’,6’, or 7’? My weak ass gym only has an ez curl bar and I have been doing deads with that for almost a year but I am getting up there in loading now and it is affecting my grip.

I know, find a new gym but this one is to empty and to close to home to go elsewhere plus the owner said he would pay for the bar if I gave him the invoice.

As always your comments and opinions are greatly appreciated.


get a texas power bar. its got great knurling. about 189 at dave tate’s elite fitness site. you can use this bar for other stuff as well. don’t get a deadlift bar - too much whip to use it for other lifts.

KraigY: Regarding which brand to chose, look at what is being used at the meets.
Don´t, I repeat, don´t buy a cheap bar.

They don’t have any Olympic Bars? We don’t have any free ones at my gym either, but I always just steel one off a bench that noone is using.


My gym only has a smith press. Is a 5’ bar long enough to do wide grip stiff legged dead lifts or do I need to go up to 6’ or 7’?

Thanks, KraigY

Just get a standard Olympic 45# bar.

I’ve always used an OL bar(20kgs/ 45lbs).


Ok, I’ll buy a quality 7’ olympic bar

Thanks for the information.