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Dead Lift with Chains

Has anyone used this as a ME exercise? Did it help your lock out at all?

I like reverse band deadlifts,(and long walks on the beach…dragging my sled).

I’ve always worked in reverse band deadlifts when working on the top portion of my lockouts.

I use these all the time for speed work.

Yes, I have used them mostly for ME work. Good stuff.

I did these a couple times, not as a ME exercise per se. I worked up to a heavy but certain single and hit that a two or three times more. I used 120 or 160 pnds of chain and light to moderate bar weight. The weight off the floor, 365 or 405, was easy enough to not count, but around knee high, the bar slowed down and the lift started to feel like a heavy rack pull from just the knee.

I would like to try these again, but with even less bar weight and more chain- say 315 on the bar and 200 or 240 in chain weight. Overall, I liked this lift. It didn’t feel too much different than pulling against bands, but for me rigging bands for DLs is always a pain in the ass.

Works great. Also good on bench and squats.