Dead lift form

I’m currently doing King’s Limping, and I’m in week 8. I have very good form doing squats and DLs (I’ve had numerous serious lifters watch me and give comments and all have been positive). In Phase III of this program I find that my back has been really sore after both squat and DL days. Is this natural when doing these lifts approaching your 1RM? I stretch for 15-20 mins prior to doing the workouts, and during I concentrate hard on keeping my abs tight, using my glutes/hams to do the lifting in DLs, and using the form described by King. Could it just be pulling from my hamstrings?

Any other suggestions?

Btw: in case it helps, all my squats and DLs during this phase have been 1 RM personal bests…I’m still pretty low in terms of what I can DL (285 lbs today with ease) compared to my squat (I dumped 360 lbs Tues because I lost concentration).

I appologize if this seems like a silly thread, I’m just trying to make sure that I’m not inviting injury.

I notice the same thing every time I go heavy on the dls.
In my mind there are two possible reasons: one, when lifting a weight around your one rep max, your body instantly reverts back to its more primitive state and tries to perform the lift with improper form—just like if you try performing a rep after exhaustion.
If you find this to be the case I’d recommend slightly decreasing the weight.
The other guess stems from how King described the back as a “stabilizer” true, this means it isn’t performing the lift itself, but the more weight it has to stabilize, the more tired it becomes. Liken it to how tired your diaphragm gets if you try to hold your breath for a really long time.
In this case I’d say the soreness is natural and might go away if you do some more lower back oriented work like straight leg deadlifts.
Like mentioned before these are mere hypotheses, hope they can help.

when come near my max on dl, I’ve never had low back pain. Rather, I get trap and lat soreness. If you are getting soreness, rather than pain, that is a good thing, it shows you are working the right muscles. If it is pain, then you are doing something wrong.

You said you have good form, but maybe you don’t. Ya never know. Make sure to keep your shoulders behind the bar and use your body as leverage against the weight.

My lower back kills after DL’s. If I go heavy, I feel my lower back in the mornings for about 2 days. After I warm up, I’m fine and can do squats and whatnot, but I’m sure that doing the DL’s in the long run should help with “trunk” strength. I just added DL’s to my routine about 2 weeks ago.

I have the same problem when I do heavey deadlifts. My lower back gets sore but my hamstrings don’t feel that bad, despite having good form.

JWright: Good point about the soreness vs pain. I have to adjust my statement and say I’m very sore.

I think your low back may possibly be weak. I just recommended this in another thread. Try the 100 reps thing for low back the next day, if you are in the gym. If not, do 100 toe touches and flex your back and hammies hard as you do them. Try to split it up into equal parts througout the day. It’ll decrease your recovery time for low back and it will possibly strengthen it.

stretching prior to heavy lifts? Is this wise?

Go westside and your prayers wil be answered.

Whetu, Read King’s Limping Series…the guy suggests 20-30 mins warmup on bike, than 20-30 mins stretching, than a series of warmup excercises before starting the first warmup set of the routine.

I’d have to say it is wise. When I don’t stretch I can’t walk for 3 days.

what jwright said… probably your lower back isnt gaining strength as much as the rest of u. this is a problem with me as i used to have chronic back problems (took a few shots in the back in football etc sending some discs out of whack). seated good mornings has done wonders though to fix this. and now the main limiting factor in deadlifts for me is my grip strength (and my dominant hand at that)… postworkout meal is done, time to head out and grab some COC grippers and fix the new issue :stuck_out_tongue:

westside. ive put on around 90 lbs since i started westside a year ago

Deadlifts are uncomfortable by nature, that’s why most don’t do them. If it is injury pain, then stop, take a break until it subsides and revisit your form and/or weight.

If you are extreme experiencing muscular soreness, then cut back on the volume of work. If it’s a just little tight for 1-2 days after, which is to be expected, then take that as a sign you are working it effectively.

if you cant walk for days after “not stretching” there may be some wrong with the way you train. Unless ofcourse this is a hyperbole…
I have some for respect ian king but i wouldn’t recommend vigorous stretching prior to 1 RMs. In saying that i dont know what strecthing you are doing (static, dynamic ballistic etc.)
My first 5 sets i would consider a double whammy for neurological warmup and dynamic stretching.