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Dead Lift Form Question


Hello all,

I have been doing heavy deads for a while now and have noticed that when I release from the bar and stand, there is something structural moving/re-adjusting in my lower back. Could it be possible that my muscles are stronger than the supporting tissues? Should I take it easy this week? Trip to the Chiro?

Basic Schedule -

Tue/Fri - Dead Day
Wed/Sat (or Sun) - 10 x 3 Dips/Chins/Push press/DB rows

Today`s Dead Workout (for example)

WU - 48kg 1 x 5
WU2 - 78kg 1 x 5
WS - 108kg x 10 (singles)
WS2 - 68kg 3 x 5

Rack pulls - 3 x 12 58kgs

Basic stats : 155cms @ 59kgsBW

I think that is all the info you might need...Thank you in advance for the help.



I'm not really sure what you mean. What is moving? How is it moving?


Yeah, it may just be your back cracking or adjusting itself from the stress of the pulling. I have to crack my back whenever I do heavy deadlifts. It's never caused me to have any problems though, so if it doesn't shut you down I wouldn't worry about it. I don't recommend deadlifting every week either.


It feels like something in my hip girdle is re-adjusting. The lower part of my spinal column seems to shift as I stand. I am not sure how else to describe it. There is also a pulling sensation, slightly painful, but it goes away once I am completely upright. Today, I tried a short jog and felt a bit of pain in the same area. I think I should just take it easy for the rest of the week.

D`lifting twice in a week is bad? I though Staley wrote that in an accumulation block to hit the same exercise once every four days? Of course, I could be wrong.

Thank you guys,


I am currently doign a full body routine. I do dead lifts on my 8x3 day I was wondering if that is bad or good. Ive heard 4x6 is good. Even though it comes out to be 24 still I was wondering if doign more sets less reps is better then less sets more reps?


Its fine im a bigger fan of low reps deads any way they dont tend to be a great high rep move IMO


Get your back re-aligned at the chiro.

My advice:

Deadlifting [heavy] taxes the CNS, and should not be done every week.

Once to twice a month should be good enough. Otherwise stick with box squats or some other quality movement.


I DL heavy 5x5 twice a week and have had no problems with it and am still seeing gains. Some ppl can get away with it like myself and others need more time to recover.
Just go with whatever works for ya mate!


I have a sneaking suspicion that this has something to do with your SI joint. You may be setting yourself up for injury. Pulling the ligament in your SI joint is not fun.