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Dead Lift..Clean Lifts..


i do Chest/biceps/abs one day. and back/shoulders/triceps the next day. i am beginning to incorporate dead lifts into my regimine to gain more mass and overall strength..but i dont know if my current workout plan allows for that because of the strenuous nature of the dead lift..should i just tack them on to my back/shoulders/triceps day? or rearrange my plan...or what..all opinions appreciated..


I would say rearrange your plan. You didn't mention a legs day which is a major problem. If I was you I would switch it around to perhaps a day of back and biceps work, chest shoulders and triceps, and legs.

For your leg day do some heavy deadlifts, squats and maybe a lunge or single leg squat variation. Or you could just check out one of the 100s of workouts on this very website for a good idea. Many of them incorporate deadlifts.