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Dead Libido After EQ Blast

Well long story short:

25 years, 5 years of blast and cruise, with a 3 months break halfway in between (3 years on, 3 months off, since then on for almost 2 years again).

Experience with test, tren, deca and orals like dbol and anadrol

I had blasts, then cruised for a while on test only and so on.

I NEVER had libio issues except when coming off, but cialis fixed it until libido came back.

Well i started a new blast in december, test and eq, both at 500mg a week.
Everything went fine, libido no problems, except towards end of february i wanted to have sex and couldnt get it up by the life of me.
I ended up getting myself cialis/viagra, which helps bigtime but as soon as the cialis/viagra flushes out, i cant get an erection.
The last day of eq injection was on 24th of february, so a little over 2 weeks ago and i guess by now my libido should be back if it was the eq, or am i wrong?

I tapered the test down too, to currently 250mg per week (mon and friday shots) because im supposed to cruise dose now again but am unsure about carrying on, i dont want to end up in an emotional hole…

Were you on an AI awhile run I g the EQ?

No, i never needed on.
Also labs i took, estrogen was in range at 36, from i think range 12-46