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Dead, deader...deadest?

Hey guys, when I do deadlifts, I tend to favor doing Straight leg, then sumos and lastly conventional-my least favorite. Now knowing that variety is key, and knowing the body tends to prefer the easiest movements, what am I missing by prioritizing straight leg deadlifts over the conventional deadlift? My hamstrings are very sore today after a day of straight leg deads, but my gut tells me there is more to it than just the soreness of my hamstrings. Do stiff legs, neglect the development of secondary muscles that the conventional deadlift would target? If it matters, I am 6’2" with long legs and am training mainly for athletic performance, thanks

You’re missing the tremendous back strength and development that comes primarily from doing conventional or sumo deads. Straight leg will target your hams and lower back, which is good for athletics, which is your focus. Sumo hits much more of your quads. Variety is the key, so why not try for more conventional for a bit?

I go for variety…In fact when I did my hams today, I did both straight leg and conventional. I find the conventional ones hit my glutes way more than straight leg, but straight leg get the hams a lot more.

Thanks for the replies. One other question on the same note, I read that often longer limbed people prefer Sumo deads to the conventional. I seem to be in this category, as I find Sumo’s much more comfortable over the traditional deadlift. Are there any compromises (back development or anything else) that I am missing by skipping the conventional deadlifts? Thanks again.

Anderson, your lower back will be taken out of the equation more with sumo. As well, your back will be kept much straighter, so lower back strain will be reduced significantly. As for your upper back, I think the effect is about the same with both, but I only have my own experience to draw from on that, although I’ve always wondered how others feel about this. Now, as for your legs, your quads will be utilized much more significantly with sumo style, as will your glutes. Hams seem to be used more in conventional deadlifts. Hope this helps.