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Dead Cat in My Yard


Well, half of one at least. The ass end with a nice smattering of intestines.

Left a message for animal control, although I am not too hopeful of a return call on a holiday. Probably have to do it myself.

I just finished a nice big breakfast.



So you ate the non ass end then put the leftovers in your yard?


What did you expect me to do with the leftovers?


Extra "chicken wings" at the Memorial Day BBQ FTW!


Grab a stick, put it on the stick, throw it in your neighbor's trash.


Holy crap this made me laugh my ass off.....

If it was me, I'd get a big shovel and throw it over the neighbours fence, as it's probably his MOFO cat that is always pissing/shitting my yard.


I always wanted to see intestines splayed all over.....


You want me to send you a pic? Sicko.

Ehh, I should have thought twice about posting this thread. It is not helping the thought of what I know I have to do soon.

{Please, Animal Control, call back soon. Please...}


They're not on duty today and the longer you wait, the more it's gonna stink. Get it done pronto.


Actually a picture might be interesting! lol

Update us once Animal Control calls!


I just came back from the gym, and now I'm really hungry. Save the ass part for me, PROTEIN!!!


How 'bout a pic of me with a machete kneeling next to it with a shit-eating grin on my face? Perhaps with Keystone Light cans scattered about?

Sadly, I think Doug is right...either that or they'll call five minutes after I get done. Probably while tossing my cookies. (What kind of sick fuck has that job, anyway?)


Yeah dude that's messed up.

I was going to eat that.


I don't know how to tell you this, Tom, but I think it was your cat. I'm not positive but the ass looks remarkably like the one in your avatar. Sad, too, since the little guy made it all the way from Kentucky just for this. Must have taken Greyhound.


One down, tens of millions to go.


Why does a dead cat disgust you this much? It's not a fuckin zombie, get a shovel and throw it away.





You calling me a pussy?


No, I would've called you a pussy if I was. It's just funny how disgusted you seem by the cat.


Apparently my attempt at humor didn't connect.

It's not so much that it's a dead cat. It's that's half of a dead cat. It wasn't too pleasant a sight upon finishing breakfast. Nonetheless, the deed is done. Fluffy is in his final resting place in a Glad bag in my garbage can... well, at least until garbage day.