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Dead Bench and Floor Press Together


I just saw an awesome video on the 'dead bench':


If you opened with this movement and then followed it with floor presses, would that be redundant. Dead Bench recommend's to hit it as singles, and i would then follow it with triples on the floor press for about 5 sets.

Are these two too similar to group in one day? Or could it be effective?


I'm no expert on anything, expecially the bench--
The dead stop and the floor press work different areas of the bench. If you're going to do floor presses on the same day, I'd probably do 2 sets of 6-7 reps.


What are your goals? If you want a bigger bench, you'll need to know how to use the stretch reflex so I wouldn't use these two exclusively for raising your bench.


I am trying to increase my bench. I usually rotate my main movement for strength every 4 to 6 weeks. i will change my percentages and rep/sets so i do not get stagnate in my routine. I have used floor presses before with good success, although i have only used them after a traditional bench. I have a sticking point at about three inches above my chest after i touch, and the floor presses help with that. I saw the dead bench, and have never done it before. It looks like something new that i could work in for a cycle as a nice adaption to what i have been doing.

Im just not sure if i should use these two exercises together, or run them in different routines.


I have the same sticking point. As far as assistance, I found lots of back, lat, and shoulder work help me the most in overcoming that sticking point.


If you know your weak point and you want to use dead benches to help...

Set the pins so that the bar is about an inch or so BEFORE your weak point.

When a training partner told me the following, it was pretty much an epiphany:

Where the bar stops isn't your weak point, it's where the bar stops. The bar has to slow down before it stops. Where the bar starts to slow down, THAT'S your weak point.


@rrjc5488 - Good point. I have a feeling i have overlooked that simple concept for far too long. When i read that, it made a lot of sense to me.

@fletch - really have been emphasizing the back work lately. need to start a new program cycle to push through and see how much it has helped...