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'Dead' Barbell in Deadlift


Hi Jim, I have next question for you.

I watch your deadlift videos on YouTube and I noticed that, you don't put barbell to 'dead state' when you lifting for few reps.

Why you don't doing that? Is that recomended or something? Can you explain me this?


It is harder to pull Touch/Go then DeadStop for me - for some it is not the case. I don’t think it matters at all (I know it doesn’t and it I use it as a litmus test) because if you pull 800 for 10 reps, touch/go or dead stop, you are strong. The problem arises when people bounce the weights - which means they aren’t doing “touch/go”.

In the end, do what thou wilt because the strong end up strong and the weak…well, they just debate over the minutia. Remember that and everything will fall into place. Diet, training, mobility…always look at the bigger picture.


I understand now. Well I saw some people who bounce weight which they can’t pull by dead stop or touch go. Anyway, can you take a look for my technique? I’ll be glad.