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Dead... and Not Loving It!


Been doing Waterbury's three days per week, full body, 25 reps (w/ approx. 6 rep max). I was still wiped last night from Saturday's workout, which was:

Full/Olympic Back Squat @ 374 x 5-5-5-5-3-2
Incline Barbell Bench Press @ 260 x 3-3-4-5-3-3-4
Pull-Up (Close-Grip/Palms Facing) @ Bodyweight + 55lbs. @ 5-5-5-5-5

Then, last night I did:

Snatch-Grip Deadlift @ 405 x 3-5-3-4-3-5-2
Barbell Row @ 300 x 5-5-5-5-5
Seated DB Press @ 90lbs. DBs @ 5-5-5-5-5

I slept like a rock. Rolled in to work....now I can't keep my eyes open. Seriously. I'm freaking dead! I plan to take off until Thursday when I'll hit power cleans, close-grips and weighted chins. Then another two days off.

Anyone ever experienced fatigue like this? I'm sucking down Grow! Metabolic Drive, Alpha Male, Surge Workout Fuel and Flameout and still feel like I got hit by a bus. Not a lot of soreness...just a lot of fatigue.

Thankfully, I have a conference all in an hour. I'll call in, close the door to my office and put my feet up for an hour or so. If I happen to dose off....so be it.


Welcome. Need way more info. How long have you been lifting. Whats your diet like. When was your last extended rest period. Do you do cardio for stamina training.

Every now and then my body will do a shut down, so to speak. It's the way my body lets me know I need to heal up.


Been lifting 20 years. Began this program two weeks ago. I do no cardio. My calories may be too low. I'm doing a mini-Velocity diet. Having two solid meals a day, the rest Grow! Metabolic Drive, Low-Carb Metabolic Drive. Bodyweight is 215 (down from 222 when I began the program). Stamina during workouts is up, fatigued afterward, though, mainly the next day. I'm on haitus from competitve O-lifting. Not concentrating on the lifts for the first time in many years. Bodyfat measured at 10.5% last night. Upper abs visible. I'm aiming for 210 and lower BF. No real BF goal.


You are strong and lifting pretty heavy weights. I get the same symptoms when training with that much volume and I'm can only handle around 85-90% as much weight. I think after a certain strength level most of us need less volume than that.

If I do three days a week of 20+ reps with heavy ass weight I could sleep for two days straight. It is a source of confusion and frustration for me when devising training programs. I'm not so sure about the 4x6,5x5,8x3,etc. being and ideal volume for me. I think 2-3 sets of 3-4,5-7,or8-10 reps works better most of the time.