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DE Work - Cycling Just as ME Exercises?


Everywhere I look, I see that one should do box squats and bench press against some accommodating resistance on DE day. But, isn't the whole point of the conjugate system to use different exercises in waves to prevent accommodation?

What I'm asking is: Should one cycle DE exercises at the same rate as ME exercises? Or, just use the same ones every week?


When I was using that system, we didn't cycle the exercises, but we did do three week waves of different types and amounts of accomodating resistance. For example on the DE SQ, 3 weeks of chains, 3 weeks of green bands, 3 weeks of straight weight, 3 weeks of blue bands, etc.... We would plan specific cycles (for example heavy bands) as we approached a meet in an attempt to peak. You can use the same principle for DE BP and DE DL.


DE work should never be the same accommodation and bar weight 2 weeks in a row. It is cycled or waved.


Found answers, deleted my post.