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De-Volumizing One's Diet


As the title suggests, I'd like to ask for ideas on how to get more calories from less food.

I'm writing from the perspective of an ectomorph here, and basically my issue is that although I have gained some weight over the past 1plus year of training, I find that I have to spend way more time and effort eating than I'd like to - to the extent that my studies and other activities have been somewhat affected.

I may also not have the stomach / digestive capacity to eat enough food to reach and maintain my desired weight (though I wouldn't know that yet). As it is, I'm already trying to keep my caloric output to a minimum (with only 4 x 50min lifting per week, and zero cardio).

Any ideas to help this beginner out? So far I've seen some things I may try, like the olive oil shooters in Chris Shugart's recent article. Any other suggestions?

  • I've gone from 110lb to 145lb at 5'8, and would like to be about 180lb in a few years. I'm 18 years old and started lifting slightly over a year ago.



No, I mean, eat more nuts.


Make super dense thick shakes. You should be able to slip them down quite quickly, even on a full stomach.

You can put those nuts in the shake if you like.


Deffinately x2 on both comments. Possibly even try some olive oil shots. But to be blunt, your eventually going to have to man up and eat a lot and deal with it...multiple times a day. I know a few guys that would kill for this fate.


peanut butter, olive oil, cheese, loads of calories in these. The first two can be put into shakes for easy calories. Ditto for the nuts aswell, like 600 cals per 100g.


"this fate" meaning...? Yea, but I'll do what it takes.


Red Meat, Salmon, Nuts, Butter, Whole Milk, peanut butter, whole cheese